Earth Moving Machines

Bringing an old gentleman back into working order.

The farm has a very old Scammell Dump truck reputed to date back to 1939. It has been our main workhorse with regard to the removal of materials, such as ballast etc. on the farm and the railway.

Unfortunately it had a major engine failure about 2-years ago. Such is our good fortune of Sandstone that we had an almost identical engine that came out of an old crane. Andre Smit has been working tirelessly over the past month to replace the engine. The main hydraulic ram was also worn out and that has had to be refurbished.




















Grading of road

In line with our policy of using our Heritage equipment wherever possible we have once again deployed our wonderfully reliable old CAT 12 Grader to tidy up our roads after the recent rains.




Sandstone  Heritage Trust has two Star Drilling machines and it is prioritising the rebuilding of one so that we can drill using steam power


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HTN 17 - A Cat in South Africa


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HTN 93 - CAT 12 Grader, 1953, commissioned for use on farm

23rd May 2006

The synergy between Sandstone Estates as a farming unit and the Sandstone Heritage Trust collection is always being explored and enhanced. The company has now sold its 120H CAT Grader, which was responsible for most of the work relating to railway line construction, road maintenance etc. Its place has been taken by a 1953 CAT 12 Grader that was fully restored some years back by Charles Terry for the Sandstone Heritage Trust. This machine is capable of doing all the work carried out by the CAT 120H. Although it has no hydraulics and is a tougher machine to drive our operators are up to the challenge.

This Grader was acquired and restored for less than R50,000. A new replacement for a machine like this would cost the company in excess of R850,000. Therefore the use of heritage assets in practical and realistic applications has a huge impact on company profitability and is part of an intelligent asset management strategy.

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HTN 121 - Out with the new and in with the old - Caterpillar 120H grader

4th August 2006

As part of its policy of putting older equipment to work Sandstone Estates has disposed off its Caterpillar 120H Grader which has done a lot of the railway construction work on behalf of the Sandstone Heritage Trust. The workload has dropped and we have therefore commissioned our CAT 12 Grader.

Dating back to the 1950's this Grader is in excellent condition. It was originally fully rebuilt by Charles Terry, a Caterpillar engineer of great experience. Here are some pictures of the work been done by Charles. More recently the machine was serviced in-depth by Zach van Staden & Associates,
also a professional Earth Moving organisation with considerable experience on the older CAT machines.

The machine now takes its rightful place as the number one road grader at Sandstone Estates.
This programme of replacing the new with the old will continue.

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HTN 122 - Eimco Loader

13th August 2006

The Sandstone Heritage Trust collection of old machines is fascinating because so many of them have never seen the light of day when it comes to international publicity. Our (+/- 1955) Model 105 Eimco is no exception. This unique design of an American made "Rocker" shovel designed specifically for use in tunneling, canal work and where turning is restricted or limited is in full running order and has been in the collection for nearly 10-years. It is one of the many machines that may never be restored because its condition is sound and it is in its true working clothes. Various heights of rockers (the half wheels either side of the cab attached to the bucket) were available to accomodate various truck and tunnel ceiling heights. It is equipped with a 90 HP 3 - 71 GM 2 stroke diesel engine and the 2 cu m bucket makes for very fast loading even by today's standards i.e. 3 loads to 2 of a similar sized current conventional front end loader which has to make at least two turns per cycle.

One of the reasons why the Sandstone Heritage Trust staff are somewhat weary of the machine is that they had a reputation for being dangerous. As our pictures show the machine has a fierce mechanical motion which enables the machine to drive straight into a rock face, fill the bucket, and then virtually catapult the material over the top into a truck standing at the back. The only entrance to the cab is via the roof, and so should the bucket (which is returned by impuls spring and gravity) become jammed in a vertical position the operator has the dilemma of getting out while hoping that nothing changes and he does not get sliced in two! Sadly this had been known to happen on a number of occasions.

Anyway, looking on the bright side this machine will be treated with great circumspection and we hope to have it working in a quarry on Sandstone Estates quite soon.

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HTN 124 - 51 year old CAT 12 working hard upgrading the roads at Sandstone Estates

18th August 2006

We werent kidding when we sold our 5 year old 120H Road Grader with the intention of bringing an elderly machine out of retirement.

Here is our 51 year old CAT 12 working hard upgrading the roads at Sandstone Estates.

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HTN 136 - Improved asset management - in with the old and the new

15th September 2006

Sandstone Estates has commenced a programme whereby it is beginning to sell modern equipment but only if we have an item in our heritage collection which is of similar specification. This programme has been extremely successful. Nearly R10 million worth of capital equipment has been disposed of and has been replaced in all cases by vintage items which cost in total probably less than R200,000.

Obviously maintenance was necessary on the old items but they are working hard. Since we are not contractors we are not working to deadlines, and so if we have a road to grade or a dam to build we
are not under any particular deadline. Certainly the big improvement in the cash flow resulting from the implementation in this policy has been a positive move for the business and indicates a very improved level of asset management. Our photograph shows our CAT 120H leaving Sandstone Estates.

All its work functions have been replaced by our CAT 12 Grader seen working below.

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HTN 145 - Sandstone Estates disposes off its D6R Dozer.

10th October 2006

A late model D6R Dozer that has worked at Sandstone Estates, particularly on the railway construction, has been disposed off in favour of its classic 1950's D8 Dozer which is capable of doing similar work. This policy of selling off late model expensive items and replacing them with low value items of similar technical specification improves our cash flow but more importantly enhances our reputation as a classic heritage centre.
Below: The D6R being loaded onto the flatbed.
our CAT 12 Grader seen working below.