Lukas Nel and his team are so dynamic when it comes to restoring Narrow Gauge locomotives that they often come tumbling out of the workshop onto the Narrow Gauge railway without the fanfare they deserve.  We will be having a major steam event in the second quarter of 2008 where quite a number of new locos which have never been seen before will be unveiled.  It seems we have to do them in groups now.

The pictures below show our NG4 which is just starting to come into its own as an operating loco.  It is a nice size and it is an attractive loco apart from being extremely rare and extremely interesting. We have included a few photographs of what it looked like when we first saw it.



NG 4 Port Shepstone




Update 28th January 2008

This picture of our NG4, which was taken while it was still in daily use, has arrived from Hannes Paling.  It was taken 25-years ago in Port Elizabeth at Humewood Road.  The most useful thing about this photograph is the fact that we are able to see what its paintwork configuration was like in SAR&H service.


Update 3rd June 2008

Michael Dexter sent us this mail and picture of the NG4 No: 16 as his father used to drive the locomotive in Port Shepstone.