100526367 Sandstone 97 FE 263 1897 BR7 FE 232 1895 Hoekfontein

Sandstone’s two Lawleys, BR7 and NG97, are the inspirations for the new Accucraft models.

Accucraft are famous for their live steam models and David Fletcher visited us some time ago to measure up our Decauville for a model. Now they are proposing a 1:19 scale model of the Lawley locomotive with drawings by David Fletcher and information from Andries Keyser, a good friend of Sandstone. You can see full details of the project at the following link:


For a view of the Decauville model please click on the following link:

Sandstone’s Decauville 0-4-0T live steam model in 7/8ths scale. (sandstone-estates.com)