Chris Wilson has been busy on a recent visit to Sandstone


Our tractor “guru” Chris Wilson has been busy on a recent visit to Sandstone identifying tractors to be showcased at the Summer Steam Festival from the 17th to 19th November 2023. One of these is a Case L , dating from before WW2, which has not been run for over 15 years. The Case L was built between 1929-1940 in Wisconsin, USA.



A total of 31,678 were built and this model would have been purchased for around $1,500. The Case L model was fitted with a 6.6L 4-cylinder engine which would have made this an extremely powerful tractor for its time, sold on the fact it could pull a 4-furrow plough in hard ground. The serial plate of our tractor begins with330 which allows us to date this as a 1930 build. The Case L runs on petrol/paraffin and was missing a few ignition components which Chris fixed with assistance from Johan Botha, one of our modern workshop technicians who has limited experience on “old” tractors. After some energetic hand cranking the Case burst into life much to the delight of Chris and Johan! Enjoy the short video and the delight on Johan Botha’s face! Johan is now a convert to vintage tractors! Keep abreast with our website for more updates on our tractors under the Tractor Restoration News Heading!