HTN 29 - British Steam Car Challenge

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

An attempt on the World Land speed record for a Steam Powered Car is being planned in Britain, the car build program is fairly advanced already. The chassis is complete, as are most of the suspension and powertrain components. One of the four boilers is on test and as soon as the optimum output has been established the constructors will be in a position to begin the final assembly of the car. Information regarding the background as well as technical detailsof the vehicle can be found on the website for this project at



The team is planning planning to come to South Africa soon and currently arrangements are in place to run the car at the 'Verneuk-Pan' in the Northern Cape! There is a historical speed record link with this site, as Malcolm Campbell attempted the land speed record there before WWII.
The project is being assisted in South Africa by Mr.Ray Wakefield who runs a company in Port Elizabeth, South Africa specialising in speed record attempts.
It is called 'SPEEDRECORD S.A.' their website address is

Amongst other things, Ray has been instrumental in arranging sponsorship from local suppliers (water and fuel for the boilers for example), as well as helping arrange for the use of the Vernuek-Pan as it is now privately owned. Contact has been made with Northern Cape local Government and a (verbal) promise of help has been given as and when the team is on site. Sandstone Heritage Trust as a protagonist of steam traction with its many preserved steam powered assets is extremely excited about this project and we will run updates as to its progress as we receive them. In the meantime please click on the link to the challenge for a full rundown on this exciting project.