Commercial Transport

HTN 123 - 1939 Scammell Dump Truck

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

13th August 2006

With the sale of our modern Bell dump truck at Sandstone Estates we have reverted to using vintage and classic items. The workhorse on the farm at present is our 1939 Scammell Dump Truck. This 20-ton dumper fitted with a Leyland 680 engine does a highly competent job and produces a daily output, not much lower than a modern machine of similar specifications.

HTN 125 - Sentinal S4 steams its way into the history books!

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

18th August 2006

Over the weekend brothers Shaun and Pat Ackerman steamed our S4 off the lowbed and in to the local town of Ficksburg. They had this to say about the restoration of the two latest 2ft narrow gauge locomotives and the

Both Pat and I had the honour this weekend to steam and operate the Feldbahn and Peckett locomotives and the Sentinal Steam Truck as you are aware. Well, what a one in a lifetime experience we had and I say this because if you think about it it is an honour to steam and drive such unique steam locomotives which we have such a passion for and we all know that not many people get such an oppertunity especially youngsters
like us. In the steam industry throughout the world as you are no-doubt aware it would usually be "grumpy old men" doing the honours. No offence to older men though!

Again an exellent restoration and a round of applause to Lukas Nel and Keith Stevens who deserve oscars for steam preservation in SA along and for saving them in the first place.



Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

31 August 2006

Roger Pearce, well known for his exploits with MG's on the African continent (Roger drove all the way to the UK in an MGB recently), has organised a fascinating classic car rally which takes the participants from Johannesburg all the way to the Equator.

The Sandstone Heritage Trust's contribution will be to drive a Ford F100 Series American V8 truck dating back to 1950. In many ways these early Ford trucks are icons in their own right. They conjure up visions of
Route 66 and the good old days in the United States. They have very strong associations with farming and therefore we thought that it would be appropriate to select this vehicle from the Sandstone Heritage Trust's Commercial Vehicle line-up. The Sandstone Heritage Trust exists as a result of the dynamics of Sandstone Estates' arable farming operations and our various commercial vehicles form the lifeblood of that operation.
Obviously trucks like the F100 have been in retirement for some years but an event like Afriod provides an opportunity for these trucks to be sorted out and put back on the road.

HTN 135 - Progress Report - Kenworth Truck - by Jan Fouche

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

7th September 2006

Jan and his team have completed the repairs on the cab, and are now busy with the bonnet. The bonnet is made out of aluminium and some of the pieces are missing, so some welding is needed. The radiator has been repaired and cleaned and now the grill and headlights are being repaired and de-rusted. Oil leaks to the differentials are also being attended to. Two of the brake boosters are beyond repair, but replacements will be picked up in Johannesburg next week while fetching the re-chromed parts.

HTN 143 - John Allen's AEC bus has been repainted in standard Sandstone Heritage Trust colours

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

5th October 2006

One of the items held in much affection by employees and visitors to the Sandstone Heritage Trust is our AEC Regal Bus III - 1950.

Here she is in her new colour scheme.

View her history here>>>

HTN 147 - Model Field Marshall dating back to 1947

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

19th October 2006

Most low beds have hydraulic winches fitted. They are expensive and theyrequire that the mechanical horse have hydraulics fitted. Sandstone Estates has a much better idea. We carry a single cylinder Series II contractors model Field Marshall dating back to 1947. Not only does this tractor have a very powerful winch fitted to it but it can move around, leave the vehicle, tow the item that needs to be loaded into position, then climb back on the truck and winch the item on.

This is all for a few litres of diesel. Field Marshall tractors are amongst the most charismatic of all vintage tractors ever made. They are powerful, they are reliable, and in the case of the contractors version particularly immensely flexible. The photograph shows our Field Marshall perched on top of a low bed where it spends a good bit of its time.

HTN 149 - Sandstone has acquired a wonderful old 1955 AEC Lorry

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

27th October 2006

The Sandstone Heritage Trust has acquired from Colin Healey, a well known preservationist and master steam roller driver, restorer and collector, nothing less than a wonderful old 1955 AEC Lorry.
This solid old beast is in perfect working condition and will be (surprise, surprise) put to use for both Sandstone Estates and the Sandstone Heritage Trust in a haulage role.

Many of the loads that we collect are far too small for our big tri-axle low beds, and we have up to now had nothing which could be deployed to move smaller loads. Its first job will be to accompany the newly restored Sentinel S4 steam truck on a long road run where it will provide back-up in the form of fuel etc.
Strangely enough the Sentinel is quicker than the AEC so we will have to stop on the side of the road occasionally to let the old AEC catch up.

HTN 151 - Our magnificent Kenworth T900 prime mover up for a 15-year upgrade

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

1st November 2006

Our magnificent Kenworth T900 prime mover built by Paccar in Melbourne, Australia in 1990 has been a faithful servant to Sandstone Estates since its inception. The truck has now come into our main workshop for a 15-year upgrade. This means it will be gone through from end to end and all mechanical and cosmetic items will be checked and if necessary rehabilitated.

In addition, with the large wheat harvest to be combined in January, this hugely powerful truck, fitted with a 550 horsepower CAT 3406E engine, will see service in the wheat lands. In Australia this horse would have
typically pulled three tri-axle trailers with a an all-up weight of over 100-tons.

HTN 167 - New look for our Sentinel S4

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

14th December 2006

This is how the Sentinel will look in 2007!

Our "Sandstone seed & grain Company Ltd." Original artwork is going to look fabulous.
The decals will be made by Jerry Evans. Look out for the photos in January!


HTN 170 - Arrangement drawing of a Sentinel S4 flat platform waggon.

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

21st December 2006

Great thanks to Tony Thomas, the records officer - SDC for sending us this an arrangement drawing of a Sentinel S4 flat platform waggon.01