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HTN 187 - Work continues on International Harvester Collection

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

6th March 2007

The Sandstone Heritage Trust's longstanding relationship with the Cape continues. We presently have two interesting International Harvester products under restoration on a farm near Paarl. The project is being supervised by Jannie du Toit who made available the major collection of International Harvester products to Sandstone Estates.

The first project is an International Harvester Pick-Up truck dating back to 1953. It is a Model R110 with an International Harvester silver diamond engine (Straight Six). The truck was found in a scrap yard at Utrecht in Natal and was in fact an International Harvester farm service vehicle, as clearly shown by the decal on the door.

Oom Jannie must be one of the most experienced International Harvester people in the world. He has been a great friend of the Sandstone Heritage Trust for

many years. Thanks guys, you are doing a great job.
The International R110

HTN 192 - Sentinel Transport News - a letter from Wilfred Mole - News of the Sandstone Sentinel S4

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

16th March 2007

Our Sentinel S4 has been moved to Hogsville so that additional work can be done on it by Charles Viljoen. It is also getting a cosmetic makeover with new sign writing. Details to follow.

In the meantime the attached has appeared in the Sentinel Transport News in the UK. We greatly appreciate the support that we receive from so many people in the international preservation community, particularly the UK.

HTN 195 - The Sandstone Heritage Trust obtains an 8-ton Grove crane

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

23rd March 2007

The Sandstone Heritage Trust has acquired a second-hand 18-ton Grove off-road telescopic crane. The continuous process of recovery in which the Trust is involved requires better equipment than we have at present. This machine will make a big contribution to our efforts in this regard.

The disposal of large numbers of Narrow Gauge locomotives and wagons which is presently underway has created huge challenges for us.

HTN 210 - Sentinel S4 receives first post restoration upgrade

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

23rd May 2007

Charles Viljoen and Henry Dearlove spent the weekend working on our S4 Sentinel. Charles had to make a number of adjustments which were needed to improve the performance. For every kilometre that the S4 travels more and more items which need attention reveal themselves.

The truck is almost at the stage where it can embark on some serious Road Runs. Our pictures tell the story.

Container side loader

Heritage - News

23rd August 2007

One of our crack technical team commissions container lifter. 

In terms of a working relationship with the Statfold Barn Railway in the UK, the Sandstone Heritage Trust will be entering into a number of locomotive exchange programmes whereby locomotives from Statfold will come out to work a season or two in South Africa and vice-versa.

How do these old trucks find us?

Heritage - News

25th October 2007

You would think we ran a soup kitchen or sheltered accommodation for very elderly trucks because they keep turning up on our doorstep. Two recent arrivals include a Leyland Beaver and a Diamond T. We know quite a lot about the history of the Leyland Beaver but not this particular late model Diamond T. 

Is there anyone out there who can give us further information on the history of these venerable old beasts of burden?


*Oom Jannie does it again!

Heritage - News

These two photographs show our International Harvester Pick-Up truck, Model R110, together with our International Harvester Trojan Patrol motor grader based on the Farmall M product which are now complete ready for transport to the Sandstone Heritage Trust.  This International truck was completely derelict and once again it is a clear indication of Jannie du Toit's knowledge, competence and the quality of the work done by his team and himself that items that had literally been thrown into the scrap yard could emerge in such good order.

The plan is to drive the International light truck from the Western Cape to the Eastern Free State, a distance of some 800-miles.


HTN 132 - The spotlight lands on South Africa's oldest commercial vehicle


The Sandstone Heritage Trust has owned a 1910 Peerless truck for some years. This truck which came from Bloemfontein originally was probably purchased new by the Brickworks and operated on its solid rubber wheels until the early 1950's hauling bricks into Grahamstown.

This venerable old City has some of South Africa's finest architecture and it would appear that our Peerless truck played a major part in the construction of the magnificent buildings for which Grahamstown is so well known.