Cosmos Extravaganza!

Sadly Covid 19 prevented us from holding our Easter Steam Festival which coincided with the arrival of the Cosmos display at Sandstone. Nevertheless we steamed NG10 number 61 for a train trip for our staff on Easter Monday which enabled us to put together a photo gallery of Cosmos 2021. As always our Oxen were keen to join in! The photographs are by Toni Barratt.

20210405 101528

20210405 101837

20210405 101933

20210405 102147

20210405 103545

20210405 105606


The below photographs are by Gert Jubileus

IMG 20210406 WA0003

IMG 20210406 WA0004

IMG 20210406 WA0005

IMG 20210406 WA0010