Pandora Village on Sandstone Estates

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Pandora Village on Sandstone Estates is the home to many Sandstone employees and their children.

Being far from any municipal activity, rubbish collection is an issue but, thanks to an initiative by Morgan and Toni Barrett of the nearby Boschfontein Farm, each Tuesday the children meet up and pick up all the litter at Pandora Village. This is then sorted into the various recycling categories and taken to the Ficksburg Municipality landfill site / recycling depot. This programme was started on Boschfontein Farm and it has worked well with the children being rewarded for their efforts. Recently they were taken to Tempelhof Guest and Game Farm for an outing. Much fun was had by them all including the pursuit of a young monkey.

The Pandora Children together with those from Boschfontein will also have the opportunity for extra lessons outside of their normal school. One of the girls who grew up on Boschfontein Farm and is in the final year of her teaching degree, has offered to give the children these additional Grade 1 to 7 lessons at no charge at Boschfontein where the old farm school classroom still exists. Sandstone is proud to be part of these initiatives and says a big thank you to Morgan and Toni Barrett for including our farm children!

Our photo shows the kids at Tempelhof and a video of the monkey chase!