Stationary Engine

Sandstone’s National Engine

One of the major attractions at Sandstone is the 1935 National Oil engine situated inside the bar area at the Waenhuis Restaurant in the main complex of Sandstone. The distinctive thump, thump of its exhaust is well known to many of our visitors. Sadly it suffered a major failure at our Easter event in 2022 but was repaired in time for the Cherry Steam event in November 2022 thanks to the efforts of the Curator of the Stationary Engine Museum at Sandstone, Danie Pretorius, and Andy Selfe.

Stationary Engine magazine, the premier periodical on stationary engines, has published an article by Andy Selfe on the National and its repair. Andy has raised a query that readers of the article may be able assist with regarding the air receiver on the engine. If you can assist, please get in touch with us : Contact Us
You can read the article by clicking on the the link below:

The Article