Feedback on this subject has come from an unlikely source; Godwin Hampton wrote in from Malta with startling news! 

The article about the War Train is most interesting, especially since I now know that I have something made by the South Afrcan Railways! image001

The bipod taken from the Small Arms Training pamphlet No.9, 1939 and 1943 editions.
Well, about a year ago I bought a 3" Mortar bipod over the internet from a guy in Greece, and when it arrived and I took it to bits for blasting, the South African acceptance mark (a crow's foot mark inside a U) appeared.


Crosshead, marked ML (Muzzle Loading) 3" MOR MK II*. SAR 1942
Now I know who made it.....and why it has the letters S.A.R hand stamped on it. The forgings have a mark which was a female on the die and so appears a male on the part. The mark consists of a capital B with the letter F inside the top half and the letter X inside the bottom half of the 'B'.

Now all I need for it are a base plate and a barrel!
How's that for GLOBALISATION...interesting to see how it is all coming together....
Thanks for providing interesting information,
Best Regards
Godwin Hampton


 The forging mark can be clearly seen, and near the bore, a 90 and the Union of South Africa Government Equipment sign, a pheon in a capital U.

Can anybody give any clues as to the forging markings? Can anybody help Godwin with the rest of his mortar? He has sourced a sight in the Netherlands.


The full Mortar, taken from the Small Arms Training pamphlet No.9, 1939 and 1943 editions.

In fact, the ‘crow’s foot’ is actually a broad arrow head, or ‘pheon’, used for around 500 years, maybe even longer, to identify government property. 

Andy Selfe

February 2010