Lukas Nel has obviously got the bit between his teeth as always. He has asked for comment from the experts on the originality of the fabricated parts on this locomotive which can clearly be seen below. This is yet another example where we obtained a Narrow Gauge locomotive which was so derelict that most people considered it to be beyond repair.

It is beginning to dawn on us that this is just the motivation that Lukas thrives on.

Progress on Kerr Stuart No. 4063 Tamara.

Lukas Nel has sent us an updated photograph showing coal bunker, cab and water tank fitted (see last picture below). The fabrication of the chimney is now a problem. Lukas is planning to fit a brass lip on top of the stack but the correct look has he has suffered from some frustration. In his own words, "The correct look eluded us for the complete week and despite several tries we are back at square one.

Lukas will undoubtedly get it right in order to meet his own exacting standards.