Class 15F number 3007 is one of the 11 remaining NBL built Class 15F locomotives to escape the cutters torch. The NBL Preservation Group in the UK was formed in 1990. The aim of these society members is to repatriate North British Steam Locomotives from around the world to the UK where these Giant Machines were “Born”. Long before these last two years, which had devastating effects on Steam locomotives, these people already had a plan to save what they could.
When the THF decided to scrap these locomotives, Lukas Nel stood up and shunted 3007 out of the line of locomotives to be scrapped. He refused to let 3007 go under the cutters torch, and with faith in hand together with his undying love for 3007, he sourced someone to buy this lovely machine. Number 3007 was saved and bought by the NBL Preservation Group. She was not the only good Class 15F and most of the Locomotives in Bloemfontein were in good mechanical and operational condition when they were withdrawn from service in 1988, “Black August” as it is known.
A sad end for many good Locomotives in South Africa.
On Friday the 15th of June 2007, number 3007 began her journey through the Free State on her way to the Durban harbour where she will be loaded and shipped to the UK. She will be home mid July, saved from the Locomotive slaughters.

An update of her journey over the great ocean will soon be available on the NBL Preservation Group website: or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Number 3007 near Ficksburg on her journey through the night to the harbour.
Class 15F on a brief stop at Vailima on Sandstone Estates.
Cab view of 3007, a new outlook on a new lease of life!
Piet Steenkamp (steam Driver) And Andrew pilots the locomotive on her journey. Andrew is one of the Society members of the NBL Preservation Group.
We share in her happiness for her new future and are very delighted that she was rescued almost on the last second. We wish the NBL Preservation Group all success with the bid on another class 19D that they want to save from the torch and value their commitment in saving these locomotives. Words are not enough to tell how grateful I am that she was saved!
Steam Greetings
Gert J