These photos of the final drive in the Bagnall are all just part of a long list of "Snakes and Ladder" repairs on this project - just when you think you are finished with a particular section you discover some small problem hidden away somewhere in the insides of the beast and you have to start all over again!

In this case everything had been assembled and when Zach and his team ran a test, they discovered a slight movement in the "drop box" - which is the green box in the foreground.

Investigation lead to a dismantling of the top section of the final drive to drill out broken studs (missed the first time around and only accessible from inside the box) and rebuilding of the box from that point – the final drive weighs some tons and almost all the parts have to be handled by crane.
Not to worry (some two weeks later) the broken bits were replaced, then they roll the dice and start the game again - fortunately there aren't that many things left in this project that can still go wrong!

Most of the current work is under the skin so there isn't much to see photo wise yet, but I will send you photos when we replace all the outside sheet metal and doors etc. This always looks good on paper.