Once the pride of many Drivers! Through desert storms, cold frosty winter nights she would haul her freight with courage, singing as thunderous as she could, those lovely roaring beats breaking the silence into many pieces.
Such glorious days that went pass always thought, forever it would last.
A heart of gold, she is forever a servant of man. This must have been the most living machine ever build by man, but man made the machine, but God gave her a soul. She builds the Railways and with pride for fills her daily tasks. She brought joy into our lives and gave us a reason for living just for her.
Then came their final demise. Black August 1988 was sad indeed when most of our well-loved Giant Locomotives were withdrawn from service. A few remained in service till 1990 when after they only survived in Industrial service. How sad was the day, when they took her away. Parked in a Railway dump Yard, left for nature to strip her of her beauty till she became a sad sight indeed. Her soul survived under her rusted lagging and she could think of good old days when she ruled the Railway lines. Memories of all her faithful crews will she never forget.
All over South Africa they survived a cold and lonely life with no one who cared.
How many, many nights I waited for you on the Stations. From a distance I could hear you come, till the star in your headlight appears like a Morning star over the summit. Storming through the Station with no fear. It was great to see you storming pass, to see your beautiful face appearing out of the night. For minutes you brought life to the little Station as you swing your train through to storm up the embankment.
In the far distance you disappear out of the Station into the dark cold raining night. I would await your return just to see you one more time, till the night you never returned. You disappeared into the night together with the special breed of person who lived to work on you and never returned.
Then came her final demise!
Their souls were sold to hungry torches, with no respect for their dying souls. Alone she must die! Forever she will be gone!
Below: Bloemfontein 03 June 2007
Slowly the pieces of her giant body falls to the ground, if only she could run away and hide. With no sound out of her living body she finally gives in when her massive body collapse to the ground. Pieces of our harts are torn apart when we had to say our last goodbye. Nothing can ever bring you back again, forever you are gone. No more nights will I wait, to see you just one more time.
In fear her sister engines await there turn, knowing that this is the last goodbye!
Still you live in my dreams; I see your starry light storming over the summit racing through the Station. I await your return, just to see you one more time but, you never came back, it was only a dream!
In Memory of all the Locomotives gone forever!