From: David Cairns
Subject: FW: Tramline Locomotives

I hope you can read this. It is a copy of an article I wrote for the Sugar Journal on Saccharine. The plan is to write a few more on the locos of which I have knowledge. The next candidate would be Sandy as long as you have no objections.
I regret SASA has rejected my proposal with respect to Sezela no 1. However they have agreed to erect a cover over the loco and to undertake a cosmetic refurbishment.
It was pointed out to me that Darnall and Gledhow both have locos plinthed outside the mills (as has Sezela). I think it would be a great PR exercise for you to host the Council of SASA to a visit to Sandstone. Roger Stewart is keen to come and he is still chairman. It would be much easier to persuade the parties involved to part with their locos if they could see for themselves what you have achieved.
Sorry I could not deliver Sezela no 1. It is over 20 years since I left the industry and many of my contacts have moved on.

David S. Cairns