The Sandstone Heritage Trust and Statfold Barn Garden Railway in the UK have a great relationship. An agreement is being worked on at the moment to see how we can cooperate further. In the meantime David Payling, a great friend of South African Narrow Gauge, went to visit the Statfold Barn Railway and sent us these pictures and captions.
Newly built quarry Hunslet 0-4-0ST “Jack Lane” No. 3904, 2005 enters the Statfold Barn Railway station during the 12th May 2007 visit of the NGRS for their AGM Day. Jack Lane in Leeds was the location of the original Hunslet Engineering factory.
A close up photo of the steam bell carried by O & K Mallet 0-4-4-0T Pakis Baru No.5.
Proprietor Graham Lee finds a moment to smile for the camera from the footplate of his Orenstein and Koppel No. 1473, Pakis Baru No. 5. The occasion was the visit by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society to Graham’s Statfold Barn Railway on NGRS AGM day, 12th May 2007.