We did say in the book that there was some query as to the identities of the 5 ex Angola O&K's so now we have solved one. As we strip and examine the others I am sure we will find more info.

This list came from
Jens Merte in Germany who has been the leader in compiling the European builders lists and making them available. He has been pretty free with information in the past (his website is http://www.merte.de/start.htm )

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Hi Dave

I may have given you incorrect information before unfortunately. The lists I checked before were extracted from the OK lists by a prominent German enthusiast who is usually vey precise. However, I had subsequently, electronically re-searched the full OK lists myself using my knowledge of all the local spellings and possible mis-spellings and have found some more locos of which 10311 is indeed one - in fact there are five OK 0-4-0T.


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500mm O&K ex Angola at Sandstone

Hi John,

We have a query on the 0-4-0T 500mm gauge O&K ex Angola. You gave us some info on these 500mm O&K's some time ago which I used in the Sandstone book. The gist was that only one 0-4-0T went to Angola and it was believed to be 12536. The loco is being restored in Howick and all the components show 10311 which is not one of the numbers you gave us originally even for the 0-6-0T's. Any thoughts?

kind regards

Dave Richardson