The great locomotive moves. Part 2!

After the ground-breaking road movements of Sandstone 3’6’ gauge locomotives from Bloemfontein in August (see Heritage Railway UK Issue 285. The story of the recent loco moves to Sandstone. (sandstone-  preparations have begun to move the Sandstone 3’6” gauge locomotives and other assets from storage at the old Germiston Steam Depot for their 400km journey to Sandstone Estates in the eastern Free State of South Africa.

The locomotives to be moved are Class 15F 3052, “Avril”, previously owned by the late David Shepherd, Class 25NC 3488, GMA/M Garratt 4079, ex-Rhodesia Railways Class DE2 diesel electric 1207 and ex SAR steam crane number 578.

Our photo gallery shows the extensive preparation required for such an operation. Loading is expected to be completed by Wednesday November 3rd with arrival at Sandstone scheduled for Friday November 5th.

Keep an eye on our website, , for ongoing updates on the move.

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