Locomotive O&K number 10311 was offloaded in Bloemfontein last week. Attached is a preliminary report on work Lucas and his team intend to do.

  • Possible removal of boiler to clean in-between frames water tanks from rust and paint with sealer and anti rust paint.Remove wheels to set wheels in a railway workshop to correct gauge.
  • Remove left and right coal bunkers drivers cab, roof and back plate for riveting as per O&K standards.
  • Fabricate and fit a proper lubrication system for valves and cylinders. (Mechanical lubricator and valves).
  • Rebuild regulator to a safe standard as the regulator is not operating smooth at the moment.
  • Remove boiler cladding to fit proper flanges to boiler to attach clack valves.
  • Replace and refit all steel piping with copper piping on locomotive.
  • Fabricate boiler water level attachments and fit level gauges to O&K standards.
  • Fabricate and fit left and right clack boxes to O&K standards.
  • Rebuild no 1 and no 2 buffer beams and buffers to O&K standards.
  • Refit missing left water injector and refit right water injector.
  • Prepare locomotive boiler for a hydraulic and steam test to obtain a valid boiler certificate.
  • Retest and certify boiler pressure gauge.
  • Fit brass cladding to left and right cylinders.
  • Grind and polish left and right side rods and valve motion gear.
  • Paint locomotive and frames.

Most of this work is programmed for 2010.


12th October 2009

The riveted side tanks of O&K 10311.