Lukas Nel who is far too busy restoring locomotives to produce long reports does nonetheless keep us up-to-date.


The water tank on NGG16, No. 88 has been repaired


The shed showing Little Bess, 19D, and No. 88 on the right



We have agreed with Lukas that he will receive no more projects until the end of 2010 to clear his facility.

As we do not have any examples of any body parts like the boiler cladding and the construction of the cab it is a very time consuming to rebuild the locomotive. Some examples of the fabricated boiler cladding and the replaced superheated element tubes in the smoke box are shown in the photos below (insert Sandstone BFX.043 and BFX.055). Also very time consuming as most of the piping had to be replaced and repaired due to excessive rust and leaks.