Bloemfontein workshops commence rebuild of another ex SANRASM locomotive

The boiler on the O&K locomotive, No. 12691, is now receiving attention.  

Below are some photos of the two cylinders of O&K 12691in the machine shop.
The cylinder bores and valve faces are in very poor condition.

June 2014 002

June 2014 003

June 2014 005



The photos below show further progress regarding the restoration of O&K, No 12691, and its chimney and coalbunker.

June 2014 008

June 2014 010

June 2014 013


Some progress on O&K, No. 12691, smokebox door and chimney.

May 2014 007

June 2014 002

May 2014 014


The photos below show the work being carried out to rebuild the smokebox.



may 2014 017



The fabricated parts for the O&K locomotives have been manufactured. You can see from the photo below an O&K regulator valve has been welded together.

Tinus has started to renew the bottom part of locomotive O&K 12691. See the smokebox photo below.

may 2014 003

may 2014 016