Update on NGG11, No. 52

30 May 2014

Below are some recent photos of the work being carried out on the boiler front tube plate of NGG11, No. 52.

May 2014 004

May 2014 005





17 May 2014

Lukas Nel and his team have started working on the locomotive boiler.

They had to weld and grind all seating faces at the back head of the boiler. They also need to expand the copper tubing inside the openings and renew all the studs, as well as fabricate all boilermounts, except for the gauge column cocks which are second-hand.




NGG11, No. 52, report Bloemfontein.

5th May 2014

The monumental job of dragging this locomotive back from the parlous state SANRASM allowed it to get into continues.

The team removed the boiler of locomotive NGG11, No. 52, from the frames for some major repairs as well as a proper examination as was requested by the boiler inspector during a recent visit to Bloemfontein.  The photos below refer.

may 2014 004

may 2014 008

may 2014 010

may 2014 015

Work continues on the locomotive as a whole, and a custom Water Tanker from this era is under rebuild at the Wagon Shed at Sandstone Estates.