July 2014 024

Lukas Nel has sent us a number of reports which we know will be of interest to those who follow our locomotive restoration programme.

Ex SANRASM O&K locomotive, No. 12691, is making steady progress. It is now at the stage where the boiler has been reunited with the frame and so it is beginning to look like a locomotive again. From our very considerable experience of working with Lukas we know that things start to accelerate from this point on. Our 20-ton off road crane was deployed from the farm to Bloemfontein for the purposes of lifting the boiler onto the frame.  Well done to Henry Brown and the Sandstone support team for providing assistance to Lukas.

NGG11 001

NGG11 007

We need all hands to replace the boiler to the frames.


NGG11 locomotive, No. 52. Hydraulic tests were carried out on the boiler.

NGG11 011

Hydraulic water pump originally steam driven from the early days of the railways in South Africa, but now driven by air pressure. Hard at work to provide water pressure.

NGG11 020

Boiler test gauge in operation.

NGG11 026

Front tubeplate with no leaks at all during the hydraulic test.