Class NGG11 No. 52 moves forward

Hot on the heels of the two completed O&K locomotives, Lukas Nel and his team have made great progress with NGG11 No. 52. The two engine units have been reunited with the main frames after serious issues with frame damage were discovered a few weeks ago. Whilst the Sandstone team were always aware of misalignments at both ends, they turned out to be more serious than originally thought. Large cracks and serious distortion of the frames at the engine pivot points have been repaired using a hydraulic press and modern welding techniques. With the Sandstone philosophy of “nothing is impossible” top of mind, Lukas Nel and his team have worked a miracle to move the restoration forward. The locomotive is now looking like the real thing.

Further work is required on the connecting rods and valve gear together with the main steam piping over the next few months.

The photos by Lukas Nel show No. 52 on the 30th September 2015.

IMG 20150930 WA0001



IMG 20150930 WA0002

IMG 20150930 WA0003