Update on NGG11 No. 52 November 2015

Work continues on the motion of No. 52 – all the valves have been set and various steam pipes put in position. As the restoration team is working without drawings this has been a difficult time. As you will see from the pictures below the eccentric rod has been temporarily cut and adjuster placed in the gap to enable the valve settings to be finalised. This is now being removed and the rod welded in to one piece. All the steam pipes are now in position and a new ashpan has been fabricated with additional air vents.

NGG11 No 52 update image 1

The slide valves have been set for lead steam



NGG11 No 52 update image 2

Most of the motion has been made from scratch. The temporary adjuster for the eccentric rod can be seen

As Lukas Nel and the team are only working from photographs from the Beyer Peacock archive in England the vacuum pipe positioning has also been copied from these photographs.

NGG11 No 52 update image 3

A very early type National Pyle generator has been rebuilt for No. 52

NGG11 No 52 update image 4

The new ashpan in position

On the works photographs these first batch of the NGG11 were fitted with mechanical lubricators but these were not used by the SAR, hydrostatic lubricators being employed with subsequent holes in the cab front sheet for the piping. No. 52 will be refitted with a mechanical lubricator which was originally mounted just behind the front buffer beam.

A new interior wooden cab roof is in place and has been varnished.

NGG11 No 52 update image 5

Simon Labu adds the finishing touches to the new cab roof

Both the front and rear tanks have been removed while work continues on the motion, most of which has been fabricated from scratch.

NGG11 No 52 update image 6

Working from the Beyer Peacock photographs the original type water filler has been added to the front tank