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Sandstone Heritage Trust South African Railways

3688 was acquired by the Sandstone Heritage Trust in 2016 after it was removed from the Transnet…

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Narrow Gauge World

The attached article has just appeared in Narrow Gauge World.

It is a fitting tribute to Lukas Nel’…

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The NG10 passes its commissioning test

After receiving the required paperwork from the RSR, NG10 number 61 has passed its commissioning tes…

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91-019 Safely at Sandstone.

Sandstone’s third Class 91 diesel has safely arrived at Hoekfontein and has been placed in the runni…

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Sandstone acquires another Class 91 diesel

Sandstone has acquired 91-019, the penultimate member of its class, from Port Elizabeth. 91-019 is b…

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Sappi-Saaicor 19D donated to Sandstone.Ex SAR 19D, Sappi no 2, has been donated to Sandstone by Sappi from the Saaicor Mill at Umkomaas in …

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The Class NG10, currently under restoration at Sandstone’s Bloemfontein workshop, underwent its firs…

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NG10. The detail is coming together.

As we mentioned last time progress has slowed slightly with a lot of detail work being completed. We…

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Sandstone Heritage Trust, Bloemfontein workshops.

Although Sandstone is reasonably well known as a destination it is less well known that we operate a major locomotive refurbishment programme at our Bloemfontein workshops. This is located in the old Steam Depot which was the home of constant Steam activity for many decades.








Sandstone has agreed with South Africa's top model makers to host a special section on their web site which would concentrate on areas of interest for railway locomotive model makers worldwide. The idea was proposed by Andries Keyser, whose introduction features below.

One of our most steadfast supporters over the years and someone who has been of immense assistance to model makers around the world with respect to the provision of technical information is Hannes Paling. As a summary to the outstanding contributions that Hannes has made and continues to make he has prepared this introductory statement for us:

Since the start of the industrial revolution man has created many types of machines, the steam locomotive was one of these. The steam locomotive has held a special fascination to young and old for more than a century. With the withdrawal of the steam locomotive from active service a vacuum was formed which was ably filled by the Sandstone Heritage Trust's Unique collection in this country, especially narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock. It has from the smallest locomotive, a Decauville type 1, which is the only working example in the world, two examples of Lawleys with a rich history spanning more than a hundred years each, again the only working examples in the world and narrow gauge super power in the form of the NG15 and various Garratt classes, which don't need a introduction, with a good spread in between from all major manufacturers world wide.

Sandstone narrow gauge railway and website has been a inspiration to many model builders around the world, examples of Sandstone engines are built in Australia, the UK, the States, Europe, Germany and of course South Africa, from small H0 gauge models to one third size working models are built. Many of the models built in other countries were inspired by photo's on the Sandstone website.

To all model builders around the world, please let us have pictures of your work, perhaps we could share some of our experiences.

Best regards,
Hannes Paling

Please direct all queries, contributions and questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.