The Sandstone Steam Railway wagon fleet.

The Sandstone Steam Railway wagon fleet
We often feature Sandstone locomotives on our site but here is a short photo article on the wagon types that can be found at Sandstone.
All have been sourced from now defunct narrow gauge systems in South Africa and total over a 100 wagons of various types.

We have also included in this story the South African Railways Narrow Gauge Wagon Diagram Book so that you can have a look at even greater detail of the types. As you will see each type often has many derivatives, the DZ wagon, for example, has 9 versions but only 4 of these are left in existence.

Our current stock list lists the total of each type with numbers that we have.
You can access the stock list on: The Sandstone Stock List. (

Click here to view the Wagons PDF
Click here to view the SA Railways Narrow Guage Wagon Diagram Book