International RD250 Tractive Unit - Information






Asset Number:
SHT 2004 / 1016
Description of item: Truck
Manufacturer: International RD250 Tractive Unit
Country of Origin:
Serial No. & Markings: Engine No: S570593 Engine Type: C-180
Chassis No:
Current Status:
Potential for Full
Restoration In %:
Potential for Cosmetic
Restoration in %:
History of Company: International Truck and Engine Corporation manufactures school buses, medium trucks, heavy trucks and their parts at its Springfield, Ohio operations facility. The Springfield facility includes century-old manufacturing buildings to a new state-of-the-art facility. The old facility produces stampings and builds steel and aluminum cabs. The new facility contains highly automated stamping and welding equipment and 84 robots to produce the high performance truck series.
Brief History: Powered by Cummins C180
supercharged (not turbo) 180 horse power 6 cylinder diesel. 5 speed box.
International Harvester / Rockwell single rear axle. Original owners- Provincial
Administration Bethlehem, 1 of 13 delivered. This vehicle was used to tow a
water tanker behind the grader and is mechanically in good condition. The
vehicle runs but is not completely restored, the interior is about 95% complete.
Minor auto electrical work and a fuel tank must be fitted. This truck was
purchased recently from Yuri Peila by Sandstone Estates.
Company logo: International_truck_05