Fowler Steam Road Roller - Information


Asset Number: SHT 2004 / ---
Description of item: Steam Road Roller
Manufacturer: John Fowler, Leeds
Country of Origin: England
Serial No. & Markings: 19543 1935 "Judy"
Chassis No:
Current Status: Restored
Potential for Full
Restoration In %:
Potential for Cosmetic
Restoration in %:
Road Steam Engine
History of Company: W.M. Tait, Benoni (Original)
Brief History: Obtained in mid 1986 by "Resteamers", a restoration group.  Completely restored by 1991.  Based at James Hall Museum of transport, Johannesburg.
Moved to Hogsville October 1996, interim rebuild. Repainted in green (from Blue Train Blue) by current operator. Excellent condition.