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February 2008
20/02/08 Sandstone restores three more gems...
20/02/08 Our Class NG15's in times gone by..
19/02/08 Preparations are underway for the Cosmos Festival...
18/02/08 Lawley No. 97 is progressing extremely well in the Bloemfontein workshops...
18/02/08 McLaren Traction Engine No. 767 (UPDATED)
14/02/08 STEAM SHED REPORT - 4th February - 10th February 2008
14/02/08 Friends of the Rail steam on with 15F 3117
03/02/08 Early on Tuesday morning our dedicated team departed on a journey to move Class NGG 16 number 116 from Ixopo to Paddock.
28/01/08 STEAM SHED REPORT - FLYING SIGNALS - 25th January 2008
26/01/08 NG4 Update - the best photograph that we have ever received has been sent to us by Hannes Paling
26/01/08 Test your knowledge and see if you can tell us what's in the photo
22/01/08 Sandstone features in Toyota SA's staff magazine
20/01/08 STEAM SHED REPORT - 18th January 2008
19/01/08 McLaren Traction Engine No. 767
19/01/08 Sezela (No4) - A name inexorably tied to the Natal Sugar Cane industry
19/01/08 Sezela article from the Narrow Gauge World & NG Modelling
11/01/08 STEAM SHED REPORT - 9th January 2008
06/01/08 Sandstone locomotives featured in Statfold Narrow Gauge world article (1Mb PDF)
21/12/07 SIA acquires historic Mine locomotives and hoppers
18/12/07 Sugar Cane Wagons from Crookes Brothers Natal
18/12/07 STEAM SHED REPORT - 18th December 2007 - Steaming towards 2008
16/12/07 Western Cape Vintage tractor and enjin manne keep the flag flying - Oesdag at Brakfontein
13/12/07 HRASA and Steam In Action (SIA) joint news release
12/12/07 Sandstone Heritage Trust implements longstanding agreement with the James Hall Transport Museum.
07/12/07 Port Shepstone - More archive photographs received
6/12/07 Hunslet - new photo
03/12/07 Flugel Updates
01/12/07 Reefsteamers newsletter index
30/11/07 Steam Shed Report - 30th November 2007 - An Action Packed week, Sandstone Steam team uplifts rare Cooler Wagon to safety
30/11/07 Two weeks ago Reef Steamers shunted our Dairy wagon to Kommandonek...
22/11/07 Updated Railway and wagons stock list PDF
21/11/07 Sandstone completes Century City Contract
21/11/07 Steam Shed Report - 21st November 2007
Sandstone Steam Railroad opened its doors for the Cherry Festival
12/11/07 Steam Shed Report - 12th November 2007
Professional steam weekend for Natal Narrow gauge enthusiasts
12/11/07 Test your knowledge and see if you can tell us what's in the photo (UPDATED)
12/11/07 Steaming the Giants
12/11/07 NG4 Update
12/11/07 Feldbahn Update
09/11/07 Kerr Stuart No. 4063 update
06/11/07 After a quiet period Avonside Sezela No. 3, 0-4-0T, 1936 / 1924 steams
06/11/07 10CR working at Loraine Gold mine and CLASS 10CR NUMBER 771 report
02/11/07 Restoration of locomotives - you've got to start somewhere...
NGG 16, No. 88, is coming along very steadily...
02/11/07 DZ and B Bogey wagon technical information
01/11/07 The History of the 10CR
29/10/07 Visit the Steam in Action web site
29/10/07 BSA Rail Car- request for assistance
25/10/07 Rescue of Rand Water Board "Nigerian" locomotives by Sandstone Estates
25/10/07 Kerr Stuart No. 4063 under reconstruction
24/10/07 The Giants are returning - The last few weeks we spend many hours with Avril preparing her for the boiler Inspection...
23/10/07 Steam Preservation in Action
20/10/07 Return of the Giants Part 2
15/10/07 Ongoing restoration - Kerr Stuart No. 4062 - Tamara.
12/10/07 Restoration of McLaren Traction Engine No. 767 progresses well
12/10/07 Steam Shed Report 23rd September - 12th October 2007
10/10/07 Sandstone has once again been given a clean bill of health...
10/10/07 Statfold Railway (UK) Open Day
09/10/07 Barclay 1459/1916 - can it be brought back to its original specification
09/10/07 Naming of Locomotives
01/10/07 Something about the Light - maybe the last large-scale steam tour of this beautiful country.....
27/09/07 Test your knowledge and see if you can tell us what's in the photo
21/09/07 Test your knowledge and see if you can tell us what's in the photo
20/09/07 Bagnall Locomotive, Works No. 3204, 1961 (ex Rustenburg Platinum
Mines), is now really taking shape....
17/09/07 Weekly Steam Shed Report 10th September - 16th September 2007
11/09/07 Weekly Steam Shed Report 1st September - 7th September 2007
03/09/07 The Sandstone Chronicles features in Narrow Gauge World
24/08/07 The "Three Provinces" tour - end of an era!
21/08/07 Update on reconstruction of NGG 16, No. 88.
21/08/07 Mr. Carlos Vieira has forwarded us an interesting document...
19/08/07 Weekly Steam Shed Report - 12th August - 18th August 2007
17/08/07 Sandstone Heritage Trust NG4 framed and signed by Graham Gillet
15/07/08 Reefsteamers Booth 36 ton steam crane no. 96 - save this steam crane
13/08/07 Weekly Steam Shed Report - 5th August - 11th August 2007
04/08/07 Weekly Steam Shed Report 29th July - 4th August 2007
05/08/07 Rand Water Board - Archive Photographs
01/08/07 A Proposal to the Transnet Foundation for preservation of 2ft narrow gauge railway assets of South Africa.
01/08/07 Engineering update from Keith Stevens
28/07/07 STEAM NEWS ! The Weekly Report - 22nd July - 28th July 2007
28/07/07 Steam Cranes - a looming crisis?
28/07/07 Port Shepstone
23/07/07 Spoornet Scrap Tender
22/07/07 Outstanding photos of NG 15, No. 19 discovered
16/07/07 NGG 16 No 88 starts coming together
10/07/07 STEAM NEWS! The Weekly Report - 2nd - 7th July 2007
08/07/07 Keith Stevens reports on NG Kerr Stuart Locomotive No. 4063....
02/07/07 STEAM NEWS! The Weekly Report - 25th June - 1st July 2007
20/06/07 STEAM NEWS! The Weekly Report - 17th - 24th June 2007
RN 417 A joint operating agreement with The Sandstone Heritage Trust, Hunslet Steam and Hunslet Engine Co.
RN 416 General appeal for arrangement, pipe arrangement and spare part drawings
RN 415 Rescued Class 15F Number 3007
RN 414 An interesting letter sent in by Peter Micenko about "Miss. Brakpan", our little Ratanga loco
RN 413 Narrow Gauge wagons and spare parts can be purchased while still in Natal
RN 412 Weekly Steam Shed Report - Steam News!- by Gert Jubileus - 9th - 16th June 2007
RN 411 The guys at the Bloemfontein workshops have already got down to businesswith No. 88
RN 410 Our long distance heavy haulage trucks have had a very busy month so far!
RN 409 Friends of the Rail - The next Trip - June 2007
RN 408 Sandstone restoration picks up the pace
RN 407 Bagnall Update from Zach and the Team
RN 406 A sad end to some Noble Beasts...
RN 405 The Bloemfontein staff brave the cold conditions
RN 404 The Weekly Steam News 2nd - 8th June 2007 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 403 The Final Demise - by Gert Jubileus
RN 402 The last Steam Tour? On May 29th , what may be the last country wide steam tour, visited Sandstone for a day of narrow gauge action.
RN 401 The Ficksburg News talks about the local children's visit to Sandstone
RN 400 Why screw your eyes up watching a telly screen, when you can watch "The Chronicles" on this... ?
RN 399 STEAM NEWS! The Weekly Report - by Gert Jubileus - 27 May - 1 June 2007
RN 398 We receive a steady stream of interesting emails...
RN 397 STEAM NEWS! The Weekly Report - by Gert Jubileus - 19 – 26 May 2007
RN 396 NGG16 No. 88 is now in Bloemfontein
RN 395 SA Sugar Tramline Locomotives - by David Cairns
RN 394 An Edwardian Update by John Middleton
RN 393 After her steam test Lukas and his team attend to the fine details
RN 392 North British Locomotive Preservation Group - May 2007 Newsletter
RN 391 Steam News 12th – 19th May 2007 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 390 The Sandstone Heritage Trust and Statfold Barn Garden Railway in the UK have a great relationship
RN 389 Sandstone holds a tour for two local Pre-Primary schools
RN 388 Barclays in Preservation - Narrow Gauge World Magazine No. 51 - May/June 2007
RN 387 The Sandstone Story - Narrow Gauge World Magazine No. 51 - May/June 2007
RN 386 Special report - Track Maintenance - 5th – 11th May 2007 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 385 Steam News 5th – 11th May 2007 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 384 The true test of any locomotive restoration
RN 383 Kerr stuart no 4063 - An update from Keith Stevens - May 2007
RN 382 Sandstone Increases Preservation Effort at the Bloemfontein Workshops
RN 381 The Sandstone Chronicles - Uncovering heritage treasure with Sandstone is released
RN 380 Reefsteamers Newsletter - May 2007
RN 379 Weekly Steam News - by Gert Jubileus. 29th April - 4th May 2007
RN 378 Weekly Steam Report - by Gert Jubileus. 24th - 28th April 2007
RN 377 Sandstone class GMAM garratt heads for her new home in Germiston
RN 376 Railway Touring Company/Rovos Rail visit to Sandstone 22/23 April 2007 - Dave Richardson
RN 375 Taking a look back at original photographs taken at Sena Sugar Estates
RN 374 NGG Garratt locomotives at Umzinto, Natal
RN 373 The Port Shepstone to Harding Line, the infrastructure, the locomotives and probably the rail continue to evaporate.
RN 372 The Edwardian Experience Report - 20th - 23rd April 2007 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 371 Weekly Steam Shed Report by Gert Jubileus! 10th - 19th April 2007
RN 370 Internationally acclaimed steam authority, John Middleton visited us at Sandstone recently
RN 369 Steam Railway Magazine Article, UK, May 2007 - Porta's Water
RN 368 Railways Africa Issue 4 2006 - Lyndie-Lou features in a Rovos Rail Article
RN 367 Derrick van Zyl's Weekly report - 23rd April 2007
RN 366 Bloemfontein update - the O&K 2510
RN 365 Weekly Report by Derick van Zyl - 13th - 20th April 2007
RN 364 A painting and prints of Sandstone Estates Narrow Gauge Railway Locomotive: "Lawley"
RN 363 Weekly report - 10th - 17th March 2007 - by Derick van Zyl
RN 362 Weekly report - 3rd - 9th March 2007 - by Derick van Zyl
RN 360 The Sandstone Heritage Trust Library
RN 359 Locomotive drawings needed
RN 358 A letter from Lukas Nel and update on the O & K 2510 from Bloem
RN 357 Narrow Gauge World surveys global narrow gauge scene
RN 356 Sandstone adopts uniform coupling policy
RN 355 Work is progressing well on the Kerr Stuart Locomotive No. 4063
RN 354 The last of the Garratts has arrived from Port Shepstone
RN 353 NGG16 No. 88 prepares herself for restoration!
RN 352 Restoring the Port Shepstone 2-ft Narrow Gauge trucks
RN 351 Assembling a rusty Garratt is not work for the fainthearted
RN 350 New storage line completed
RN 349 The Port Shepstone project has almost completed
RN 348 Hannes Paling's response to Dave regarding the NGG 11's mechanical
RN 347 Dave Richardson chats about an NGG11 of either NG51/52/53
RN 346 Port Shepstone to Harding Line to be Scrapped
RN 345 4079 storms south near Bon Accord
RN 344 Reefsteamers report that their 15CA 2056 ran their first official main line trip
RN 343 Photographic weekend - 17th-19th February 2007 - Dennis Moore's images
RN 342 Lukas and his team of dedicated professionals
RN 341 Weekly Report - 22nd February 2007 - 1st March 2007 - by Derick van Zyl
RN 340 Sandstone's GMAM, No. 4079, has been working very hard lately
RN 339 Tessa Joughin sums up the essence of our recent weekend visit by the TMHC
RN 338 Ixopo based "Sand Painitng Artist" Mat Lourens' Garratt painting
RN 337 Avonside Sezela photograph - circa 1966/8 sent in by Hannes Paling
RN 336 Unique double header
RN 335 Update on movement of Garratts from Port Shepstone
RN 334 February edition of Steam Railway Magazine - The Decauville
RN 333 Photographic opportunities at Sandstone - Hannes Palling
RN 332 Saturday at Sandstone - First of the photos by Errol Ashwell
RN 331 What comes first - the colour or the steam?
RN 330 Clearing up some Angolan O & K identities
RN 329 Weekly Report by Derick van Zyl. 26th January - 2nd February 2007
RN 328 It is NG4 week... the NG4 is a very special locomotive
RN 327 Weekly report by Derick van Zyl - 19th - 26th January 2007
RN 326 STOP PRESS... The NG4 arrives at Sandstone
RN 325 Our 19D has the Bloemfontein team's full attention
RN 324 Narrow Gauge article from Family, Radio & Tv Magazine, July 1977
RN 323 February issue of Heritage Railway Magazine - African Arrival marks start of Beaulieu Railway Scheme
RN 322 A rehabilitated old creosote wagon
RN 321 Excellent archive photographs of the NG4
RN 320 A letter from Hannes Paling with some fabulous achive images of NG4 models
RN 319 Article in the "Hampshire Life" Magazine - "Full steam ahead"
RN 318 Weekly report - 2 th - 18th January 2007 - by Derick van Zyl
RN 317 Weekly report - 4 th - 11th January 2007 - by Derick van Zyl
RN 316 NG4 update from Bloemfontein - Lukas Nel
RN 315 Update from Keith Stevens on the O&K
RN 314 Work continues on our 19D ex-SAR No. 2654
RN 313 The Sandstone / ACR involvement
RN 312 Rail heritage gets a new lease on life
RN 311 NG4 update from Lukas Nel, Bloemfontein workshops - 15th January 2007
RN 310 Update on the Bagnall diesel restoration - Zach van Staden's workshops
RN 309 "Rare visitor at Beaulieu" - Article in Narrow Gauge World Magazine - No. 49 Jan/Feb 2007
RN 308 Narrow Gauge World Magazine - No. 49 Jan/Feb 2007 "Limestone to Port Elizabeth" by David Payling
RN 307 Sandstone combines largest ever wheat harvest
RN 306 Weekly Steamshed Report by Derrik van Zyl - 8th January - 15th January 2007
RN 305 "Shunting with Garratts" - by Dave Kent - article in Steam Railway Magazine - 29th December 2006
RN 304 Update from Keith Stevens on the O & K 0-4-0T 12536/1934
RN 303 Great archive scans of the Decauville type one - courtesy of Arnoud Bongaards
RN 302 Great input from David Payling regarding two original photographs of the Garratt 115
RN 301 From the Southampton Daily Echo - 22nd December 2006 - "Beaulieu sees future in steam"
RN 300 First Secretary of the South African High Commission in London, Janet Kotze, unveils Bathala at Beaulieu
RN 299 Steam shed report 18th - 24th December 2006 - by Derrik van Zyl
RN 298 Spectacular documents on the Avontuur line's rich history
RN 297 Bloemfontein - The NG4 is coming together very rapidly now
RN 296 Quietly in the corner of Lukas Nel's workshop, another locomotive is moving towards full restoration
RN 295 Update on Port Shepstone project - the clean up continues
RN 294 An outing for the Peckett 2161
RN 293 Madelaine Senekal brings the local children from the church for a day of steam
RN 292 A sad farewell to Gert Jubileus, our steam shed manager
RN 291 Famous line to Langkloof may be refurbished By Nwabisa Nofemele - The Herald
RN 290 First steam locomotive for Beaulieu Museum
RN 289 NGG16 locos at Port Shepstone
RN 288 Weekly Steam Report - 13th - 19th November 2006 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 287
Decauville arrives at Beaulieu - a cutting from "The Railway Magazine"
RN 286
Old, unique freight wagons restored.
RN 285
Steam News - Weekly report - 5th November - 12th November 2006 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 284 Sandstone's Elephant van
RN 283 Steaming Along! An exerpt from the Rovos Digest
RN 282 Rovos Digest - News from Capital Park
RN 281 Steam News - Weekly report - 30th October - 4th November 2006 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 280 GMAM update at Capital Park
RN 279 NG4 update from Bloemfontein
RN 278 Valuable loco spares sourced in Europe
RN 277 Keith Stevens reports - The O & K locomotive No. 10311
RN 276 Who needs tourists anyway? - ED's blog - Railways Africa
RN 275
Weekly Report - 23rd- 29th October 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 274 No more Contract Trains... It is indeed very sad
RN 273 Weekly steamshed report - by Gert Jubileus - 16th - 22nd October 2006
RN 272 Weekly Report by Gert Jubileus - 10th - 15th October 2006
RN 271 RN 271 Sandstone visits Rovos Rail
RN 270 "Fire of the Iron Horse" - Article in "Industrial Metallurgy" Magazine - Sppring 2006 Vol. 12 No. 4
RN 269 Tony Leon visits Sandstone Estates
RN 268 The Iron Road: Garratts - The Champion Artics
RN 267 Solidarity expressed on behalf of British preservationists
RN 266 "Delivery on track" - an update on Bathala at Beaulieu
RN 265 Keith Stevens - September report on work in progress.
RN 264 Bloemfontein shop update
RN 263 Our GMAM "Lyndie-Lou" No. 4079 continues to do sterling work
RN 262 A miracle cure for boiler erosion? By David Wilcock
RN 261 Weekly steamshed report - 2nd - 9th October 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 260 FOTR Newsletter - June/July 2006
RN 259 FOTR Newsletter - August/September 2006
RN 258 Line Profiles. Sandstone's Narrow Gauge Railway.
RN 257 Wagon restoration update - By Gert Jubileus
RN 256 Update on the Bagnall's restoration
RN 255 Funkey 4WDH Underground locomotive
RN 254 Weekly steamshed report - 25th September - 1st October 2006 - by Gert Jubileus

RN 253
Weekly steam shed repot - 18th - 24th September 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 252 Weekly report - 10th - 17th September 2006 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 251 A bit of this & a bit of that Flugel - by Kerry Young
RN 250 A Change of Flugel - by Kerry Young
RN 249 Charles Viljoen has pulled another proverbial rabbit out of the hat

RN 248
The old fruit shed at Kommandonek Siding is due for upgrade and restoration shortly !
RN 247 Carriage refurbishment programme continues.
RN 246 Thanks to Sir Colin Flugel - by Kerry Young

RN 245
Another day at the glue factory Flugel. - another update from Kerry Young!
RN 244 Drawings needed for the following locos:
RN 243 "Running ahead of schedule"
RN 242 The First gathering of "Beaulieu Light Railway Supporters" reach The Hampshire "Society Pages"
RN 241 Weekly Steamshed Report - 2nd August - 9th September 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 240 Zach van Staden's, a treasure trove of Heritage
RN 239 Weekly Steamshed Report - 29th August - 1st September 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 238
Sad, very sad. Port Shepstone wagon update
RN 237
Price List for 2ft narrow gauge wagons and bogies
RN 236 For gert's fans
RN 235 Illovo Sugar steam powered narrow gauge sugar cane railway
RN 234 A legend in his own time?
RN 233 In Bloemfontein NG4 is now very much to the fore
RN 232 Leon Flynn and 186 railway wagons
RN 231
The Railway Touring Company's report back on The Drakensburg Trip with "Lyndie-Lou"
RN 230 Weekly Steam shed report. 19th - 25 August 2006 - by Gert Jubileus
RN 229 Inhanguvo, Mozambique.
RN 228 Original Sena Sugar Estates Sugar Packet
RN 227 2Ft Narrow Gauge wagon tender No. 119072750 awarded to The Sandstone Heritage Trust
RN 226 Weekly steamshed report - 12th - 18th August 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 225 Our roving Ambassador to Europe, the diminutive 1899 2ft narrow gauge
RN 224 Two very sad 2ft NG locomotives have just arrived in our Bloemfontein shop
RN 223 Report back from Sean Ackermann on the steam run for the Feldbahn and the Peckett
RN 222 Sandstone news in "Railways Africa Magazine" - John Batwell keeps up to date!
RN 221 Weekly steamshed report - 5th - 11th August 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 220 Weekly steam shed report - by Gert Jubileus - 30th July 2006 - 04 August 2006
RN 219 Peckett saddle tank says goodbye to Bloemfontein
RN 218 Weekly steamshed report - by Gert Jubileus - 24th - 31st July 2006
RN 217
Feldbahn moves to Sandstone Estates to commence steam trials
RN 216 Brakevan ready for use
RN 215 Feldbahn returns to Africa
RN 214 1892 article - In the year 1892 railway troops built a 600 mm Feldbahn of Uelzen
RN 213 Our German made Feldbahn locomotive is of huge significance to the Sandstone Heritage Trust
RN 212 GMAM No 4079 currently working at Rovos Rail on lease
RN 211 Weekly Steamshed Report & activities - 16th - 23rd July 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 210 Feldbahn returns to Africa
RN 209 SA Rail Article - David Shepherd reunited with his 15F
RN 208 SA Rail Article - Reefsteamers 25NC runs again
RN 207 SA Rail "Runpast" article - Vol. 44 No. 4 2006 - Rovos Rail and Sandstone
RN 206 Developments in Modern Steam Traction for Railways - 11 December 2006
RN 205 Steam Driven - Wednesday 19 July 2006 21:00-21:30 (Radio 4 FM)
RN 204 Railway Society of Southern Africa - Reef Branch Newsletter - July 2006
RN 203 Weekly Steamshed Report & activities - 08th - 15th July 2006 - By Gert Jubileus
RN 202 "Lyndie-Lou's" trip with Rovos on the Tzaneen-Groenbult line - by CA Janisch
RN 201 Contributions from overseas people

RN 200
Peckett No. 2161 - once again the locomotive is going to roll out of the workshops ahead of schedule