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Keith Stevens reports on Progress McLaren Agricultural Engine

12th October 2007

Keith Stevens reports: 

Bearing in mind that I was overseas for the last week of August and the first two weeks in September we have done very well with progress of the McLaren Traction Engine No. 767. The wheel bearing housings had to be built up on the spigot with weld and re-machined to ensure a close fit on the corresponding hole in the horn plate. Drilling, reaming and tapping holes in the horn plates has been quite a lengthy operation and then thereafter boring out the necessary spigot holes. I have been marking out, drilling and boring the tube plate and the backhead. There will be more details regarding this in the next report.

We have also had success in removing all the necessary keys in the loco wheels and have been able to move all the wheels (apart from one) in the press out by 55mm to bring the gauge out to 610 mm (2ft). The remaining one ( O & K Locomotive No. 11112) I shall have to seek bigger press facilities
as my press will only push 150 ton and this wheel obviously requires more. 

We are now re-profiling the wheels on O & K Locomotive No. 12140 and machining away the centre boss as required to fit the bearings.

0651 Machining wheel bearing housing


0652 Boring spigots in horn plate

0653 Boring spigots in horn plate

0655 Reaming holes of bearing housings into horn plate


0656 Removing keys from Locomotive wheels

0657 Boring spigot on Milling Machine

0658 Trueing up secondary shaft in the Lathe ready for machining

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