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Keith Stevens reports on Progress McLaren Agricultural Engine

Update 20th January 2008

This last month we have steadily been carrying on manufacturing the boiler and have progressed extremely well considering that we have been hampered along the way as we have encountered serious rainfall combined with Eskom load shedding of electricity services. During the rains we have retired to the workshop and have done a lot of necessary machining of firebox stays, nuts and studs, gear blanks etc. We did get the smoke box and the smoke box door manufactured and this was attached to the boiler. The long stays were also fitted. This now completes the outer boiler, all to be manufactured now is the firebox and re-tube which I now shall be busy with.

Riveting the smoke box

Tube plate fitted to boiler
Smoke box and axle pivot fitted to boiler
Smoke box door fitted - smoke box complete

A bit of plastic surgery on smoke box chimney base 0710 - Still a way to go as we have none of the broken parts

Firebox crown nuts and studs for girder stays

Boiler door re-furbished

Cylinder foundation nuts and bolts

Firebox stays with gear blanks for steering and gear change Keith Stevens


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