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Restoration of McLaren Traction engine No. 767

Update 18th March 2008

This report is somewhat shorter as the month was taken up with manufacture of the Firebox and fitting this to the Boiler which was quite a mammoth task, but it fitted like a glove.  It was fitted in the presence of an independent Boiler Inspector.  We have since riveted up the Foundation Ring
and the Firehole Ring and have fitted the Stays (150 in all) and we are in the process of riveting them over.  There are now only 30 ends to go.

We have also manufactured the Eccentric Straps and Quadrants and Double Eyes for the Valve Gear, as all these parts were missing.

We have now received the materials and are proceeding to manufacture the Tender and the Tanks and the new Boiler Tubes will be attended to shortly.


0780 Tapping out the Stay Holes


0781 manufacture of Eccentric Straps38

0782 Firebox Stays in position


0783 Eccentric Straps fitted to Crankshaft


0788 Riveting over Stay Ends

0758 Firebox being lowered into the Boiler

0759 Firebox being lowered into the Boiler 0760 Almost there

0762 Firebox in place - fits like a glove

0762 Firebox in place - fits like a glove

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