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Restoration of McLaren Traction engine No. 767 

Update 11th April 2008

A lot of work during the last month has been entailed in the manufacture of the Tender, this is almost complete apart from riveting which we shall be doing next week.  We managed to locate a place in Pinetown where we could buy the rivets which has saved us a lot of work not having to make our own.

The wheels have now been returned after being rubberised and a superb job was made of this, these are now to be painted.

We are well under way in the manufacture of the Belly Tank.

We have had the necessary gears cut for the steering worm and gear change rack and pinion.  I have also spent some time on refurbishing the gland followers and reversing quadrants, dyes and stop valve assembly.

We are expecting the tubes to arrive today and the re-tubing will be carried out next week.  My next big project is to design and manufacture the safety valves to enable us to get a hydraulic and possible steam test on the Boiler.

Keith Stevens.

Front wheels rubberised


Offloading the rear wheels after being rubberised

Start of manufacture of the Tender

Tender almost complete


Making up frame for belly tank

Pair of quadrants and tumbling blocks along with stop valve assembly

Steering worm and high/low speed gear rack

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