Sandstone Steam Railroad - Workshop

WSH7 - Midmar tool van becomes mobile workshop

When the Midmar Historical Village closed Sandstone Heritage Trust purchased an old bogie wagon formerly from one of the sugar mills. This had an IBR superstructure fitted and had latterly been used as a mobile store and tool van. Not a particularly attractive or historic vehicle, it was placed into storage in the workshop while work continued on higher priority items.



The workshop staff then decided that it was a good place to mount their newly acquired compressor, which effectively stops it being 'borrowed' by other departments on the property, and also enabled it to be moved anywhere on the rail system.

In addition various other air powered tools and other equipment has been mounted on it enabling a variety of tasks such as track maintenance and repairs, emergency repairs, track alterations, erecting of new lineside equipment etc.



It can also be equipped with a generator to allow the use of electrically powered equipment and of course provide a kettle for the most important rail item of all - tea!

It is now in the final stages of finishing, the major item being attention to the drawgear, it being fitted with low level sugar estate couplings rather than SAR standard items.