Sandstone Steam Railroad - Workshop

WSH5 - News from the carraige and wagon shop October 2004

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There is little point in having a wonderful collection of restored locomotives if they have nothing to haul or carry passengers in. Thus a programme of carriage and wagon restoration is underway in parallel with the locomotive work, in a section of the main workshop complex. This also has benefits in terms of skills transfer for useful general skills such as carpentry, glazing, welding and painting which can be used in other areas.

Sandstone Heritage Trust has collected a substantial number of freight wagons and a smaller number of coaches which all require maintenance and restoration.

All vehicles receive

1) overhaul of vacuum cylinders
2) overhaul release valves
3) new neckring and nylon bush
4) complete brake gear strip, descale and new split pins
5) brake block changing where needed
6) inspection and replacement of bearings where necessary
7) packing of the boxes
8) vacuum pipes
9) repair of handbrakes
10) descale complete wagon
11) respray and stencilling

Carriages & Wagons currently under restoration

NG AY no.2032 almost finished
B converted to flat wagon waiting for steel
NG-G5 no.2834 just needs handrails secured and wood on the roof then she is finished.
NG G-6 no.3197 currently under restoration
NG G-5 2836 to come to the pit after 3197
PE no 52, built 1902, to be finished early next week

Carriages & Wagons already restored

NG B no.1146, 921, 1136, 1680, 1125, 2947, 922, 2957
NG O-1 no.3733
NG O-3 no. 4000,
NG V-16 no.3172 and the new Guards van repainted recently
NG DZ no.862, 1976, 2001
Dining car
Coach no.67 built 1907
3x open coaches

In addition to these, one of the wagons purchased from the Midmar auction, which could best be termed aesthetically challenged, has been modified. This vehicle, which previously looked something like an IBR shed on wheels, has had the body work stripped off and a large compressor mounted on it so that a compressed air supply can be moved to anywhere on the system as required. It will also be used as a mobile work bench and for carrying tools and other pieces of equipment.