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South African Tourism is a Government initiative to promote tourism to South Africa for business or pleasure and is very active in many centres around the world. A number of film productions are done each year to promote South Africa and Sandstone estates was chosen as one of the locations for a current production. Shooting took place  over one day and featured a family ( film extras) on a visit to Sandstone where they experienced a steam train ride, an ox wagon plus a donkey cart ride. All of these are part of the “Sandstone Experience” that visitors to the Estate can enjoy on any visit.

The train was hauled by our NG15 locomotive, SAR number 17, while our oxen and donkeys, with their handlers under the guidance of Bianca van Rooyen, Sandstone’s Livestock and Equine Manager, provided the extra scenes required. Even our sheep got involved as you will see in the picture gallery!

The weather was beautiful and alongside the magnificent landscapes of the eastern Free State the film shoot was a great success. Sandstone is proud to play its part in the promotion of South Africa to the world, and in particular, the promotion of the eastern Free State.

Enjoy our photo gallery of all the action at the film shoot.

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