Sandstone on YouTube1

Recently we did a bit of detective work to track down all the videos of The Sandstone Steam Railway on YouTube. It’s not as easy as you may think as some of the titles do not always mention Sandstone and the YouTube search engine can miss them! Anyway we have catalogued 133 separate videos including three from Alan Middleditch he has just posted of the recent FarRail International Tour to Sandstone. We hope you enjoy watching these productions that capture the essence of The Sandstone Steam Railway.


Title Producer Length Link Comments
Stars 2019 NG10 & NGG11 Alan Middleditch 4m 31
Stars 2019 NG15& NGG16 Alan Middleditch 4m 15
Stars of Sandstone 2015 Alan Middleditch 22m 37
Stars of Sandstone 2019 NGG16 freight Alan Middleditch 5m 21
Stars of Sandstone 2019 NG4 Alan Middleditch 3m 13
Stars of Sandstone 2014 Alan Middleditch 32m 42
Stars of sandstone 2017 NGG11 Number 52 Alan Middleditch 2m 37
NG 15 No 17 at Sandstone 3 July 2023 Alan Middleditch 5m 06
NGG16A No 155 at Sandstone 2 July 2023 Alan Middleditch 2m 48
NGG16 No 113 at Sandstone 3 July 2023 Alan Middleditch 3m 57
NGG13 No 49 at Sandstone 2 July 2023 Alan Middleditch 9m 14
MVI 2445 Seb's Railway Andy Selfe 2m 00
MVI 2446 Seb's Railway Andy Selfe 2m 04
Steam Train slow motion battybri 0m 46
Seb's Railway forest drive commer nut 1m 37
Stars of Sandstone 2019 commer nut Shorts
Stars of Sandstone 2019 The Grand Parade commer nut 0m 42
Easter Parade Damian Green 1m
Stars of Sandstone 2017 David Huntbach 58m
Amazing Sandstone Railroad Earthfire 8m 30
Battle of the gauges NGG16 Garratt & 15F Earthfire 4m 26s
A day at the Sandstone Heritage Trust Earthfire 5m 51
Banking on the Sandstone Railway NG15 & NGG16 Earthfire 3m 02
Little Sugar Cane locos of South Africa Earthfire 5m 17
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Rail Highlights Earthfire 9m 32
Kalahari Steam Locomotive Earthfire 10m 56
Railway War Reefsteamers invade Sandstone Earthfire 11m 43
Improbable Double Headers at Sandstone Earthfire 3m 52
Cosmos Festival 2006 part 1 Earthfire 4m 28
Cosmos Festival 2006 part 2 Earthfire 4m
Steam Paparazzi Earthfire 0m 15
Steam Paparazzi Part 3 Earthfire 3m 57
Steam Paparazzi Part 2 In Action Earthfire 4m 20
Stars of Sandstone living museum Exspresso Show 4m 02
Stars of Sandstone 2015 Vintage Steam Trains Exspresso Show 4m 47
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Part 2 Technology through the ages Exspresso Show 5m 16
David Shepherd and No. 3052 Frameline 100 13m 38
Sandstone Heritage Trust - Peckett vs. Sentinel Frameline/Witput 1m 50
O&K, Kerr Stuart and Felbahn locomotives. Frameline/Witput 2m 45
Double-headed Packett and NG4 locos on Sandstone Estates Frameline/Witput 2m 49
Double-headed Lawleys on Sandstone Estates Frameline/Witput 2m 32
A solution to South Africa's taxi problem, demonstrated on Sandstone Estates Frameline/Witput 0m 48
Driving "Kalahari" Class NG15 No.17 on Sandstone Estates Frameline/Witput 5m 23
The Sandstone Heritage Trust maintains an extensive restoration facility for steam locomotives in Bloemfontein. Frameline/Witput 2m 48
Sandstone Narrow Gauge Railway - the Route around the Mountains Frameline/Witput 8m 34
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Frameline/Witput 22m 50
Stars 2019 Promo Frameline/Witput 2m 27
McLaren Traction Engine Frameline/Witput 1m 42
Bathala Frameline/Witput 7m 21
The Sentinel S4 Steam Waggon at the Sandstone Heritage Trust. Frameline/Witput 6m 20
The mighty Fowler B5 Steam Traction Engine demonstrates its power on Sandstone Estates. Frameline/Witput 3m 44
Ox Power Frameline/Witput 10m 48
The Great 400 Remembered Frameline/Witput 4m 08 French language
Mk IV Sherman Tank at Sandstone Estates Frameline/Witput 6m 39 French language
Stars of Sandstone 2019 Frameline/Witput 42m 35
A Taste of Sandstone Frameline/Witput 2m 35s
The Ratel and the T-72 Frameline/Witput 6m 39
Moving Giants Frameline/Witput 8m 18
2012 African Tour Sandstone Estates Part 1 francevuedutrain 22m 20
2012 African Tour Sandstone Estates Part 2 francevuedutrain 21m 37
Stars of Sandstone 2019 Francois Steyn 6m 43
Stars of Sandstone 2019 Videos Francois Steyn 5m 23
Stars of Sandstone 2019 Extended Videos Francois Steyn 38m 13
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Glyn Chamberlain 4m 53
Kerr Stuart 4063 Hannes Paling 2m 09
Fowler B5 Hannes Paling 1m 13
Angry NG15 Hannes Paling 2m 50
Feldbahn Hannes Paling 3m 35
NG4 Hannes Paling 4m 18
Avonside 2038 Hannes Paling 3m 32
Lawleys Hannes Paling 6m 29
18 Cylinders and five chimneys Hannes Paling 6m 07
Andrew Barclay 1459 Hannes Paling 3m 37
NGG16 153 Hannes Paling 3m 11
NGG16 153 Hannes Paling 1m 07
NGG16 153 working hard Hannes Paling 2m 29
Little Bess Hannes Paling 1m 57
O&K Hannes Paling 2m 58
Decauville Hannes Paling 1m 27
Cherry Festival Steam 2021 James Attwell 23m 06
Garratts in the Cosmos James Attwell 3m 38
Sandstone Kalahari ride John Lyas 2m 24
NGG13 & NGG16 & NG15 Larchfield Loz 3m 17
NGG11 No 52 at Sandstone footplate action Mark Ruddy 5m 07
Sandstone Steam Day Part 1 August 2016 Martin Nel 6m 17
Sandstone Steam Day Part 2 Martin Nel 6m 02
Sandstone Steam Day Part 3 Martin Nel 2m 00
Sandstone Steam Day Part 4 Martin Nel 1m 16
vlaky Sandstone mestoharrachov 24 videos
Stars of Sandstone and SA Armour Museum Display Military Heritage 22m 40
Double Headed NG Garratts Paul Ash 2m 46
Sandstone Heritage Estate Philip van Schalkwyk 6m 24
2ft Garratt ralph5407 4m 07
Garratt at Sandstone Part 1 ralph5407 5m 14
Garratt at Sandstone Part 2 ralph5407 4m 40
Garratt at Sandstone Part 3 ralph5407 3m 11
Sandstone Part 3 ralph5407 3m 11
Steam Train with beautiful scenery ralph5407 0m 55
Stars of sandstone 2014 Aerial Version Random Channel 3m 38
Sandstone Estate Random Channel 2m 50
Sandstone Estate from above Random Channel 4m 23
Sandstone Estate Steam Festival 2019 Random Channel 2m 43
Fiksburg Sandstone Estate Steam Train April 2022 Rip Wyma 5m 52
Fiksburg Sandstone Estate Steam Train April 2022 Part 2 Rip Wyma 17m 55
Sandstone Steam Railroad Simon Lawrence Moore 8 videos
Kalahari Sunrise 8 Passenger to Vailima Siding Simons Railway Videos 7m 56
Kalahari Sunrise 6 Evening Mixed Simons Railway Videos 11m 53
Kalahari Sunrise 5 NG4 Simons Railway Videos 1m 23
Kalahari Sunrise 2 Vintage Vehicles Simons Railway Videos 4m 41
Kalahari Sunrise 7 The Hay Train Simons Railway Videos 7m 53
Stars of Sandstone 2015 Simons Railway Videos 31m 37
Kalahari Sunrise 4 and the van train Simons Railway Videos 6m 45
Kalahari Sunrise 3 O&K Simons Railway Videos 6m 29
Kalahari Sunrise 1 Shunting around Simons Railway Videos 5m 59
On the footplate NGG16 153 Satrs of Sandstone 2017 Simons Railway Videos 1m 37
Sandstone Cherry Festival 2021 Steven Mitchell 58m 30
Stars 2017 NGG16 on Mountain Wanderer The Steamfreak Channel 9m 40
Garratt cab ride on the Mountain Wanderer The Steamfreak Channel 53m 02
Stars 2017 Double NGG16 on Mountain Wanderer The Steamfreak Channel 12m 19
Stars 2017 NG4 7 NGG16 day & evening The Steamfreak Channel 7m 54
South African Steam NGG11 to Hoekfontein The Steamfreak Channel 13m 42
Seb's Railway & Kalahari The Steamfreak Channel 13m 33
Class 91 on Mountain Wanderer The Steamfreak Channel 7m 55
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Kalahari NG15 The Steamfreak Channel 11m 25
SA Steam 91 & shed visit The Steamfreak Channel 4m 41
Stars of sandstone 2017 Morning Trains NGG11 NGG16 The Steamfreak Channel 13m 43
Stars of Sandstone 2016 NGG16 action The Steamfreak Channel 13m 18
SA Steam 91 Class on Morning Train & shed visit The Steamfreak Channel 4m 41
South African Steam NGG16 Sandstone S Africa The Steamfreak Channel 10m
Satrs of Sandstone 2017 Steam Highlights The Steamfreak Channel 9m 32
Stars of Sandstone 2017 The Steamfreak Channel 14 videos
The Real thing! Sandstone Estates NGG16 The Third Rail 3m 13
NGG16 88 shunting Trevor Heath 0m 16
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Tyrone Pearce 5m 11
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Tyrone Pearce 1m 39
Stars of Sandstone 2017 Tyrone Pearce 0m 50
Sandstone Heritage Trust Unwired Media 9m 31
Sandstone 2006 Part 1 wagon4h 2m 20
Sandstone 2006 Part 2 wagon4h 3m 50
Updated 15 Dec 2023