HTN 93 - CAT 12 Grader, 1953, commissioned for use on farm

Sandstone Heritage Trust - News

23rd May 2006

The synergy between Sandstone Estates as a farming unit and the Sandstone Heritage Trust collection is always being explored and enhanced. The company has now sold its 120H CAT Grader, which was responsible for most of the work relating to railway line construction, road maintenance etc. Its place has been taken by a 1953 CAT 12 Grader that was fully restored some years back by Charles Terry for the Sandstone Heritage Trust. This machine is capable of doing all the work carried out by the CAT 120H. Although it has no hydraulics and is a tougher machine to drive our operators are up to the challenge.

This Grader was acquired and restored for less than R50,000. A new replacement for a machine like this would cost the company in excess of R850,000. Therefore the use of heritage assets in practical and realistic applications has a huge impact on company profitability and is part of an intelligent asset management strategy.