Reflections of Stars 2014

We had a great show... we will let the pictures do the talking.


Photos by Marc-Henri Andre

Marc-Henri Andre has put together a stunning pictorial resulting from his visit to Stars 2014.


Click here to view Part One- 6MB PDF

Click here to view Part Two - 8MB PDF




Allan Seccombe of Business Day compiled the following article following his visit to Stars 2014


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Photos by Rod Hering

Rod Hering, who has been a regular visitor to Sandstone and who has been in charge of our Ratel for the last 2-years, has sent us a magnificent gallery of photographs. Quite often we receive photographs from people who we do not normally recognise as being professionals. We do have a hard core of top class photographers like David Benn, Hannes Paling, Aidan McCarthy and others whose results are outstanding year in, year out. However, we are always delighted to receive pictures from people who look at things from a slightly different perspective and I think that is what Rod has achieved here. His photographs appear below.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

image 7

image 8

image 9

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Photos below by David Benn

Goods NG4 1 LR

Goods NG15 and NG4 1 LR

Goods NG15 and NG4 and MGTC 1 LR

Goods NG15 and NGG16 4 LR

Goods Train 6 LR

Harvard and Sherman Tank 3 LR

Harvard and Steam Crain 2 LR

Mountain Wanderer 1 LR

Mountain Wanderer 2 LR

Mountain Wanderer and Chev at Sunset 1 lR

NG15 and NGG16 1 LR

Sezela No3 1 LR

Shed Lawley and Fowler 3 LR
Sherman Tank 1 LR

Silhouette 2  LR
Tamara 1 LR
Tiger Moth Landing 1 LR

Xanthe 3 LR


Photos below by Hannes Paling

Stars 2014 1

Stars 2014 2

Stars 2014 3

Stars 2014 4

Stars 2014 5

Stars 2014 6

Stars 2014 7

Stars 2014 8

Stars 2014 9

Stars 2014 10

Stars 2014 11

Stars 2014 12

Stars 2014 13

Stars 2014 14


Stars 2014 15

Stars 2014 16

Stars 2014 17

Stars 2014 18

Stars 2014 19

Stars 2014 20

Stars 2014 21

To view more images taken by Hannes during Stars 2014 click here:


Photos below by Gary Barnes

DSC 0001

DSC 0015

DSC 0040


DSC 0110

DSC 0125

DSC 0134

DSC 0183

DSC 0233

DSC 0277

DSC 0375

DSC 0416

 DSC 0428

DSC 0473

DSC 0519

DSC 0525

DSC 0611

DSC 0637

DSC 0674

DSC 0681

DSC 0683

DSC 0695

DSC 0704

DSC 0796

DSC 0812


Photos below by Chris Wilson

100 2304

100 2305

100 2306

100 2307


Photos below by Danie Pretorius
















Photos by Andy Selfe

IMG 9175

Major Scherman gives a running commentary as Olifant Tango 2 1 Bravo thunders past the audience during the daily Heavy Armour demo at Stars of Sandstone 14.

IMG 9180

It took a bit of nerve to sit and take this picture as the SA Armour Museum's Russian-designed T76 thundered towards me! Driver Sgt. Major Willem Wilke said it's called a 'Hands-up tank'..... Gunner, Commander and Driver each have to enter and exit the tank with their arms up, otherwise, once inside, there's too little room to fold your arms upwards to get to the controls!

IMG 9190

With diesel squirted onto or inside the exhaust and blown out with the cooling fan, an effective smoke-screen is made for this Soviet T76 of the SA Armour Museum. The tank is small compared with 'our' Olifant in the foreground. The infrared sights look vulnerable!

IMG 9192

The Olifant, and the Centurion it is derived from, is normally driven with its gun facing to the rear. In action the gun levels itself and stays on the target despite the moving tank under it.

IMG 9272

The Rooikat which the members of the SA Armour Museum brought to Stars of Sandstone 14 is experimental, with the same gun as the Olifant. We were not allowed inside for security reasons! It has passive defence with heat dispersing foam dispensers all over the vehicle and active in the form of rocket-to-rocket launchers, as described by Captain Charl Ihlenfeldt who is seen putting it through its paces.

IMG 9423

Soviet T76 tank emerging from a smoke-screen of its own making.

IMG 9424

Smoke is blown out by the cooling fan on the left hand side of this Russian-designed T76 tank. Driver, Sgt Maj Willem Wilke, knows how to spin the tank on the spot to the right and the tank disappears from view. This would not fool a heat-seeking missile!

IMG 9486

Loading an Olifant on to a low-bed is not for sissies! The driver sees nothing but blue sky once he has committed , until he over-balances! One of the members of SA Armour Museum described how he had to do this recently, on his own, at night!