Bloemhof Military Collection

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The Sandstone Heritage Trust in the Eastern Free State enjoys an excellent formal working relationship with the SA Armour Museum in Bloemfontein regarding the saving, restoring and displaying of classic military vehicles, which reflect South Africa’s long military history. Items in the collection go as far back as the Anglo-Boer War.

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Recently, a private collection of military vehicles was offered to the Sandstone Heritage Trust. The gentleman who had collected the items was well into his 80s and sensibly resolved to place these items with an organisation that is geared to provide continuity of preservation in the long term.

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Through the appropriate departments within their organisational structure, the South African Armour Museum verified each item, placed it on their Preservation Register and then assisted to relocate them to the Sandstone Heritage Trust prior to the Stars 2015 show which commences on 2nd April 2015.

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These items will in the main be used for a special military train that is being assembled, which records the contribution that the railways made to South Africa’s military history.

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The pictures show the offloading of some of these items at Sandstone this week.

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