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Despite the fact that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has used and continues to use a wide range of interesting and unusual military vehicles, there is very little in the way of reference material available on the subject. Thankfully this has been addressed in part with the release of this super new DVD produced in conjunction with the Sandstone Heritage Trust and the South African Armour Museum based in Bloemfontein.

The DVD features a blend of historical archive footage and action footage depicting a variety of South African military vehicles in action on the Sandstone Estate, along with background footage filmed at the South African Armour Museum. A selection of both wheeled and tracked vehicles are covered, ranging from the wartime Sherman tank and other WW2 era vehicles to the post-war Ferret Scout Car, Saracen APC and Eland armoured car.

Some of the more unusual vehicles to be used by the SADF are also featured in a look at the innovative nature of military vehicle designs created by the South African defence industry over the years. This includes the likes of the G6 Rhino, Ratel, Rooikat and Centurion-based Olifant tank along with a range of artillery pieces and the trucks that towed them, so there’s plenty to keep the military vehicle enthusiast entertained and lots of reference material for military modelers too!

This film is a fascinating insight into an often-neglected subject that is well presented, well narrated and features some great footage of these mighty vehicles in action. Sadly the 57 minute long DVD ended all too soon, but it left me wanting more and demonstrates perfectly why the Sandstone Heritage Trust’s annual show – which is supported by vehicles from the South African Armour Museum – is such a big draw for visitors looking to see these magnificent vehicles in action. All in all this an excellent film that will open your eyes to the world of South African military vehicles.

Ian Young – Freelance Photographer and Defence Journalist


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