Sandstone Visitors with Go Trip tours

Go Trip Tours, run by Caro Meiring, brought two separate groups of visitors to Sandstone Estates just before the Cherry Steam Festival on the 18th November. Both groups enjoyed a train ride and a tour of all the Heritage Collection. They had a wonderful time and were extremely complimentary about their experience at Sandstone. Caro Meiring tells the tale of two visits!

Go Trip delivers a professional service for unique travels throughout Southern Africa and was founded in 2021. We really love what we do and it shows in the intense passion we have for people.  We work with a network of amazing establishments, excursion enthusiasts, transport companies and extraordinary guides to create a perfect getaway.  

Sandstone Estates are one of these amazing stops on our Go Cherry Time trip and is the highlight of the tour. Our first visit to Sandstone was during November 2021 and was so popular that we decided to do two consecutive tours during November 2022 to visit them.

With both groups of 19 people each and our enthusiastic guide, Michael Hauptfleisch, we took the road from Clarens and drove on the Eastern Free States' very own "Bourke Luck Potholes" to Sandstone Estate, it was an adventure on its own.  Our groups arrived filled with excitement, laughter and cheer for our unique ride on a vintage train and railway on the farm with magnificent views of the Eastern Free State. The museum, military equipment and vintage vehicles of which some are shown in the “Guinness World Book of Records” is a great fountain of history and an amazing sight to see.

We can't wait for our groups to visit them next year, this is definitely a tour and excursion not to be missed.“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell” – Paula Bendfeldt

Caro Meiring can be contacted at Go Trip on 065 542 5966. In the meantime enjoy their photo gallery.

The Kwa-Zulu Natal Group
IMG 20221109 WA0042

IMG 20221109 WA0043

IMG 20221109 WA0045

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IMG 20221109 WA0047

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The Gauteng Group
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IMG 20221115 WA0038

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IMG 20221115 WA0042

IMG 20221115 WA0045

IMG 20221115 WA0047

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IMG 20221115 WA0125