Gavin Brown

Shortly after our Easter Steam event we were saddened to hear of the passing of Gavin Brown. Gavin was the driving force behind Classic Flying Collection who have partnered with Sandstone on many events since 2014. Their vintage aircraft collection of Tiger Moths, Stampe and Chipmunks have given many hours of flying pleasure to visitors to Sandstone. Gavin had been unwell for some time but did visit our Easter event. With his illness, his son Steve organised Classic Flying Collection to visit at Easter and also at last November’s Cherry Festival. Sadly the Cherry visit did not happen as the inclement weather made Sandstone unsuitable for flying over that event. We will remember Gavin with affection and his efforts in promoting classic flying and his enthusiasm for our Sandstone events. Our thoughts are with his sons Steve and Kyle and Gavin’s partner, Rose for their loss.

Gareth Williamson read the eulogy for Gavin at his recent memorial. Here is a short piece from the eulogy.

Gavin Brown memorial.

Up, Up, and Away Like a bird, you took to the sky Soaring high, as if to defy Gravity's pull, you flew with ease On wings of steel, through the breeze You travelled far, you travelled wide From sea to shining sea you'd glide Above the clouds, you found your peace A place where all your worries ceased Now you've flown beyond our sight Into the vast and endless night But we know you're not truly gone Your spirit lives on and on So fly, dear friend, fly away Into the light of a brand new day And know that we will always be Forever grateful that you flew free.

This beautiful poem speaks to the journey of Gavin Brown's life and how he has now taken flight into a new realm of existence. We are reminded of the many places he travelled and the vastness of the world that he experienced. As he soared above the clouds, he found peace and freedom from his worries, and now he has flown beyond our sight. But even though we can no longer see him, we know that his spirit lives on and on, and that his memory will never fade. In our hearts and minds, he will always be with us, and we will forever be grateful for the time that we had with him. As we say goodbye to Gavin Brown, let us take comfort in the fact that he has now flown free, and that he will always be remembered with love and affection.

Classic Flying Collection.

Sandstone are pleased that they will be continuing their association  with Classic Flying Collection and Gavin’s son, Steve and his group of colleagues we call “the Fly Boys”. They are committed to maintaining the standards set by Gavin Brown and are already preparing for our next event, the Cherry Steam Festival, in November 2023. We look forward to welcoming them there.

In 2018, prior to the Stars of Sandstone 2019 event, we published the following article on Classic Flying Collection in the Stars of Sandstone 2019 newsletters. We think it echoes the man that was Gavin Brown. May he Rest in Peace.