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The new Sandstone book- The Sandstone Steam Railway-the story continues -has received a great review in the influential Heritage Railway magazine in the UK. We have also received a number of very positive comments from around the world.


“I have just returned home from London to find a parcel with the Sandstone Book inside.

What a magnificent publication. 

It records your wonderful achievement so succinctly and I have no doubt will sell very well.”

 Julian Birley BEM     


“Thank you so much for the copy of your book The Sandstone Steam Railway.  I appreciate your thinking of me.  The publication is fantastic and I love the tag line “The Story Continues”.  You have created a never ending story that will bless people for many future generations.  I also must say that I am so honored to have my letter included about true preservationists.  You are the example for all of us to follow.  Reading your book makes it clear that things don’t happen just by accident.  You can call it an act of God, a divine purpose, or maybe even fate that you were at the right spot, at the right time, meeting the right people that Sandstone became a reality.   And…….it was hard work, courage, and perseverance by you, Wilf, that created this treasure to be preserved for our World’s heritage.  We all owe you much gratitude”.

 Al Harper, Durango and Silverton Railroad


Thank you so much for your new book, this demonstrates to the whole world what you hand your team have achieved.

It is a truly remarkable achievement that Sandstone has done to save for future generations all of these locomotives etc from the African continent. Well done to you all”.

Graham Lee, Statfold Barn Railway


“The book has just arrived and from an initial 'flick through' I can certainly see why it has had a gestation period of four years or so. So much more than 'just another railway book', this has a real story to tell.  It is relatively easy to throw together picture books with captions (I should know although my captions are, in my defence, longer and more detailed than most) but this book is really different. I know that a lot of the detail of the early history of Sandstone and negotiations with the Authorities will be quite new to me.  

 By the way I think it was definitely the right decision to include coverage of the non-railway activities. Makes the whole thing complete and it is a rare visitor who only takes an interest in 'the railway'. 

Well done, I look forward to many pleasant hours with this book”. 

 Thanks again”

Dennis Moore, Railway photographer and author


The book: The first word that comes to mind is – MAGNIFICENT!!

My copy which arrived in the mail yesterday, is a very welcome addition to my library. I shall enjoy reading through it with much pleasure.

At first glance, I’m very impressed with the make-up of the book – having separate chapters covering the Sandstone Collection etc. The spread of photographs is also superb!

Thank you all for getting a copy out to me here Down Under!
Congrats to you for a beautiful piece of work!

Les Pivnic-Australia (retired Curator, SAR Museum)


I received the new book this morning, after a quick scan through the book I wish to congratulate you and your team for an excellent publication. In my humble opinion, excellently compiled, written and illustrated. Magnificent photos! I will spend many hours poring over the contents but suffice to say for now: Well Done!

Brigadier General (Ret) André Retief


Heritage Railway magazine,
John Titlow
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Vintage Spirit Magazine.
The UK magazine, Vintage Spirit, features the forthcoming Cherry Festival event at Sandstone in its latest issue by Peter Brockington who visited our Stars of Sandstone 2019 event. Also featured is a review of the new book on Sandstone, The Sandstone Steam railway-the story continues. Click here and enjoy the read


Old Glory Magazine
Peter Love
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