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RN 172 - Brigade (Feldbahn) - Technical Update

3rd June 2006

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Attached is a photo of the Brigade (Feldbahn) safety valves this week. Our Bloemfontein team had to calculate and draw the complete device and fabricate all the spares as no parts were available. This has turned out to be a particularly challenging project but one for which Lukas Nel and his team are more than well qualified to handle.


RN 193 -Lest we forget, this is what the Feldbahn looked like when it arrived from the UK

RN 192 - Feldbahn locos working in Eastern Europe

RN 176 - Bloemfontein. Brigade (Feldbahn) Locomotive

RN 163 - Our Brigade (Feldbahn) restoration proceeds apace.

RN 148 - The Brigade Loco (Feldbahn) makes more steady progress

RN 132 - The Feldbahn being restored by Sandstone Bloemfontein workshops is proceeding steadily

RN 84 - Work continues on Feldbahn locomotive boiler