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RN 154 - Progress on Sandstone's rail construction and maintenance

17th January 2006

GMAM 4079, “Lyndie Lou”, nears completion.
Since being moved to Pretoria in 2005 on loan to Rovos Rail, GMAM number 4079 has undergone a great deal restoration to bring the locomotive back to mainline standard. Although in excellent condition, the locomotive had been used in mine service for many years where requirements are very different to mainline passenger service.
The team led by John Dadford has completed a number of tasks and the loco is expected to steam very shortly. At present 4079 will remain in the colours of Sandstone Steam Railroad as the paintwork is still in extremely good condition and is polishing up well.

Moving around the loco, the following has been done:

Running Gear:
The brake hangers have been refurbished in the machine shop, the bushes have been replaced and hardened by John. The locating pins have been remade and need to be hardened before fitment.

The composite brake shoes have been removed as they are not entirely suited to this type of loco and will be replaced with iron blocks which are ready and on site for refitting. (Right).

Boiler Mountings
The coppersmith has remade all the pockets covering the washout plugs including two interesting ‘round a corner’ variations. (Below left and right)
The entire lubricating system has been dismantled, inspected, cleaned, with any problems corrected and refitted on both lubricators. (Below left).

The drifting valve steam pipe which had been dangerously routed under the driver’s seat using substandard ‘household’ copper pipe has been safely rerouted, and replaced with ‘grade a’ pipe.
In the smoke box the spark arrestor was found not to be in good condition with very large holes and will be replaced. (Below right).
The spark deflector was very rusted and has been replaced.
Some of the vanes above the spark arrestor were replaced.
Two elements are being replaced. (Above right).

An initial boiler inspection has been done by Inspector P Britz on 15/3/06 whereby it tested without leaks and maintained a pressure of 1725Kpa.
A provisional certificate has been signed but an internal inspection is still required.

The water tanker has been cleaned and wheels and other items (ladder) painted.
Before 4079 can enter service a number of final jobs and inspections need to be done, these are:
A boiler wash out
A full internal boiler inspection
A Department of Labour boiler inspection and measurement for registration of the boiler on the Department database.

The locomotive must then be sealed up and the connecting rods, brake hangers and other motion items refitted before a final steam test.

With the loco having run very little mileage since a comprehensive rebuild in 1997, the whole of the Sandstone team is very excited at the prospect of seeing GMAM number 4079, “Lyndie Lou” take to the rails again in full steam.
John Dadford (left) and Wolf Mensing of Rovos Rail examining the locomotive.
The cab cleaned up.