All in all, the two schools combined, there were 160 children who visited Sandstone yesterday morning, in anticipation for a train ride! The two Pre-Primary Schools along with their Principals had a wonderful time, the photos tell the story.

"Dear Mr. Mole,

Thank you for the wonderful outing this morning. The weather was perfect and to quote you it was "A Champagne Day"! Hester welcomed us at the visitors gate and the train was all fired up and ready for departure to Grootdraai, where we saw four blesbok. On our return we had a quick refreshment break and thank you for the treat of cool drinks. Your staff showed off their engine with pride and hopefully now the Kindi children have more knowledge of fire/water/steam/ energy/ movement. For my self , I am still on a high from the wonderful day and evening you treated us to at The Edwardian Experience , and with being at Sandstone Estates today I am more able to influence the children in my care to the beauty of our environment,and to help them develop awareness and responsibility to care for and appreciate our heritage. You at Sandstone Estates have achieved this successfully and my task as educator will now be easier after this perfectly lovely day. Thank you for inviting the kindi children . There is a small gift waiting for you in your office as a token of our appreciation.

Your sincerely,

Janet Barrett"
A great group photo of the two schools with the Kalahari in the background
Kindi’s kids arrive at Sandstone Estates - all very excited!
Janet Barrette (Kindi’s School) and Annemarie van Niekerk (Haasbekkies School) - principals having a great time with the children.
The "Haasbekkies" arriving at Sandstone Estates
Above and below: Everyone gets ready to board the train. When Janet arrived this morning she was telling us how some of the kids have never been on a real train before.
Hester & Lenka Papenfus
Down at Grootdraai balloon