Henry went to fetch the left hand point at Pandora for the new storage line and is busy getting the rails and the sleepers in line, so the building can start.

I built a gate for the new storage line and repaired the Lolly to fire up for the train trip on Thursday.
We also drove the Scammel Tipper truck and collected earth to level the storage line.
We then went back down to Port Shepstone and collected the front and the back units and brought them down to the Sandstone Steam workshop.
Henk drove the Front end loader to level the ground for the storage line. He also stencilled the wagons that stand behind the Waenhuis

Petrus cleaned all the machines in the workshop and stripped the fence for the new storage line.
Oupa cleaned the loco’s and helped Petrus strip the fence.
The Sandstone Steam Team have all been very busy preparing the new storage line all week!